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XP-Antispy Portable Crack Free

XP-Antispy is a utility that allows you to effectively control all the important Windows functions.
It’s intuitive, and the interface is simply accessible.
It’s made to be portable so you can run it from a USB flash drive or any other external device.
It has an undelete function to restore the settings if you’re not satisfied with the results.
Also, you can run XP-Antispy on any Windows version including Windows 7, Vista, 2003, 2000, 95, 98, ME and so on.
XP-Antispy Portable For Windows 10 Crack Features:
Controls all the important Windows functions.
Branching into the list shows you all the functions you can tweak.
You have control over all the functions that are enabled by default, such as Media Player, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Windows Firewall, and others.
Many tweaks have a detailed explanation and quick tips at the bottom of the window, in case you have doubts about their role.
You can create multiple user profiles and switch between them rapidly.
Also, you can run XP-Antispy on any Windows version including Windows 7, Vista, 2003, 2000, 95, 98, ME and so on.
Cracked XP-Antispy Portable With Keygen Requirements:
Windows XP
Minimum 512MB RAM
Windows Vista/7, XP-Antispy is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
XP-Antispy is absolutely free.
However, registration is required to download drivers and save system changes. This utility requires a valid license key and there is no free trial.
You can purchase the XP-Antispy here for US$39.99

Note: xp-antispy is not longer available for purchase on it was never supported by officeclick so it can be considered as a one year trial..

Software XP-Antispy

XP-Antispy Portable

XP-Antispy is a software that allows you to gain control over your operating system in order to ensure its stability and prevent system crashes.


XP-Antispy is a standalone utility that allows you to gain control over your operating system in order to ensure its stability and prevent system crashes.

XP-Antispy Portable

XP-Antispy is a standalone utility that allows you to gain control over your operating system in

XP-Antispy Portable [Mac/Win] (Updated 2022)

XP-Antispy is a program that allows you to disable a huge number of functions that run by default and slow down your computer or make it vulnerable to viruses. Such functions include the following: automatic updates, automatic codec download, computer usage reporting, media player, explorer process, internet explorer, rundll32 and others.

This is the second portable version of my previous XP-Antispy program. In this version it is running from CD/DVD, so you don’t need any installation. It is also easy to carry with you anywhere you want.

P.S.: The source code of XP-Antispy was obtained from the Russian developers, and later translated to English and posted here.

This is portable program. It starts every time you start Windows. (It is in add-in software).
It disables some programs from working, so you need have to close them by yourself. You can find many program windows and automatically open them into programs folder. Just select appropriate programs, your PC will be begin to work well.

I am not “scared”, I see the point of “scared”.
But I’m also not stupid and I think its very simple to skip the license agreement (just click the program and skip).
If I’m scared with the copyright stuff I’ll go for the older version of “Antispy”.
All in all I find the new program very useful and should I find the right solution I’m going to subscribe to receive updates.

I’ve used Antispy for quite a while now with no problems except one. (it happens after the install) I run an antivirus program and whilst installing I get the popup from Antispy saying it is checking the installed programs against the blacklisted antivirus program. If there is no antivirus found the Antispy notices and you can continue.

Hi, I was wondering if I could get some help. I have XP Pro, I think but I’m not sure, but I never got a disk when I bought it. When I install that XP-Antispy version 5 portable, do I have to insert the CD, or is it on my hard drive? Is there another copy on a CD?

Hi Ryan,
I hope you can answer this question as well.
You will

XP-Antispy Portable

XP-Antispy is an anti-spyware solution that runs in stealth mode. During an automatic scan for spyware, adware, and other infections, it removes any active malware. It also looks for rogue software on your computer. If you like, you can choose a custom scan for Windows, systems files, e-mails and other data. While it runs in stealth mode, this tool does not disable the Windows Firewall, and it does not interact with your hardware. You will find the options that you can use in the main window. XP-Antispy comes with a GUI, but you can also run it from the command-line interface. To make things easier, our installer provides an option for safe mode: it makes the program run in a mode that makes the changes to the Windows Registry safer. You can therefore use an application key as a backup in case something goes wrong during the program’s installation. No other tweaking is necessary for using XP-Antispy. Before you start your scan, you need to download the portable version of the application. You can only download the portable version from our site. You might have some problems with the installation of portable programs. For example, if you’re using Wubi, the installer might not be installed correctly. If you get an error message during the installation, we suggest you reinstall Wubi instead of trying to use the portable version of XP-Antispy.

Buy XP-Antispy Portable It’s Easy, Safe, and Free!

XP-Antispy Portable comes in a separate package so you won’t run the risk of deleting your existing files. When you download the tool, you’ll see that it’s a zip archive. To download XP-Antispy, unzip the archive. The tool will create an uninstallable archive when it’s done. After downloading XP-Antispy Portable, you can unzip the archive and extract it. This creates a folder, which contains the portable version of XP-Antispy. To use the program, you can now double-click the file to start it. The program is set up to run when you double-click it. This can be a bit of a hassle if you want to run XP-Antispy from a CD or portable flash drive. You can drag the folder to your CD or portable flash drive and then double-click the file from the CD or portable flash drive to

What’s New in the XP-Antispy Portable?

XP-Antispy Portable is an application used to modify Windows XP environment parameters.
This is the portable edition of XP-Antispy – a tool that allows you to gain control over your OS’s behavior by enabling you to disable certain functions which slow down your computer or make it prone to virus infections.
Since installation is not necessary, you can store XP-Antispy on a USB flash drive or any other external device, and directly run its executable file on any computer. Thus, the Windows Registry is not updated with new entries and no leftover files can be found on the hard drive after program removal.
XP-Antispy can stop various processes (that are enabled by default) from running on your computer. It has the ability to disable automatic updates and various authentication processes in Windows.
Installation is extremely easy, and the user interface is simple, yet intuitive. The main window is populated with the items that you can tweak; all that remains to be done is navigate the list and check or uncheck the functions in question.
What’s more, you can create multiple user profiles and switch between them rapidly. There are also a few built-in profiles: neutral(almost all tweaks are disabled), suggested (scheme created by the developer) and System Default (undo function for all the tweaks).
Here’s a short summary of the application’s features: you can control the functions in Media Player, such as disabling automatic acquisition of licenses, automatic codec download, sending information about player usage to Microsoft, allowing its uninstall, and others.
Plus, you have control over the network, Internet Explorer (e.g. disable automatic or scheduled updates), services, MSN Messenger, and tweaks. Each option from the list comes with quick information tips at the bottom of the window, in case you have doubts about its role.
Be careful though, as you might tamper with some essential tools for Windows. For instance, you can completely disable the firewall, leaving you unarmed against malicious online threats.
All in all, XP-Antispy is addressed especially to advanced users. The tweaks it provides might seriously harm your computer if you’re less experienced in this area.
XP-Antispy Portable Screenshots:
XP-Antispy works with Windows 2000-7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 10 systems.

i was using this to copy VCD’s. It was working perfectly fine but suddenly i have

System Requirements:

Operating Systems: PC, Mac OS X
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 2.0 GHz (or higher), 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 13 GB (or more)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Interface: 2.0
CDN: Yes, under a 12-month free trial, with an option to purchase a prepaid yearly subscription
Apple: Yes, via Apple’s store on the App Store
The official Facebook app for Windows


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