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The application is a great tool for implementing convenient management of desktop icons across an entire network. It can help you create the working environment for each user, with all the important programs that are needed to perform your work.
This way, you can ensure that you are following the laws for the copyright of documents, images, multimedia files, etc.
You can use the application in an educational establishment, in order to establish a secure environment for all students, so that they may work with the necessary files and tools.
The application is also suitable for public libraries, since you can specify which users may use the computers with the designated programs installed on them.
Through the software, you can set up the user’s desktop. Moreover, you can enable or block the users from accessing certain folders, too.
XIA Links Crack can be effectively used to set up the desktop icons of each user. You can specify the root folder and the location of the shortcut, for instance.
The application can also be used by you to block or unblock the users, while using the computers in the specified locations. This way, you can ensure that a particular user does not access certain folders or files, for instance.
The software supports multiple components.
Thus, you may take into account that there might be several versions of the same application, on various computers. Therefore, you will have to specify these versions, after you have installed it on a specific machine.
The application can create shortcuts to the desired locations. It is very convenient, since all the locations are specified to the user.
Moreover, the program enables you to specify the name and the location of the shortcut. Thus, you can mention the name of an application and associate it with specific icons, that are located on the desktop or on other folders. This way, the user will access them directly.
You can also specify the computer or the workstation on which you wish to create the shortcut. You may also specify the Active Directory groups or the computer IDs in order to specify which groups of users may access the shortcut.
Once the shortcut is in place, the user will be able to access the program simply by pressing the window that is present.
XIA Links Torrent Download could also be use in an educational establishment or in a public library, in order to simplify the access of the documents, images, multimedia files, etc.
The software has several advanced features. Thus, you will have to input the password or select the correct login parameters, in order for the end user

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XIA Links is a useful tool developed with the aim of offering the users a convenient way to access specific desktop applications. This software is mostly used in educational establishments and helps to ensure security. It allows the administrator to limit the usage of specific applications on specific groups of computers.
You can also set up separate shortcuts for security purposes. XIA Links allows you to describe the applications you wish to set up as shortcuts in a separate folder. After that, the applications will be displayed as desktop icons. The software is very simple to use. All you have to do is to add the application, link it to a folder, and then set up the shortcut. The system can be controlled from the top-right corner, where it is possible to see the name of each application and also the user ID.
You may easily change the name of the application when necessary. Moreover, you can change its displayed icon. It is possible to ensure that the system displays the icon as a shortcut on the desktop.
Moreover, you may add a shortcut to any of the folders on the disk. This way, you can create shortcuts for applications that are often used. For example, you may add the MP3 file to the Dropbox folder. The program is very convenient, since it allows the user to open a program for a shortcut without having to go into the folder from where it is saved.
System Requirements:
The following system requirements are used by this application:
[b]Windows 8, 7 or Vista [/b]
[b]32-bit or 64-bit operating system [/b]
[b]RAM: minimum 2GB, recommended 4GB [/b]
[b]Hard disk: minimum 500 MB, recommended: 1 GB [/b]
In order to use the software correctly, you should be connected to a network.
If you do not have a license key, you can purchase one and it is completely free.
If you wish to acquire the application, you may try it for 30 days. This way, you can check out the way it works and see if it fulfills your needs.Q:

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What’s New in the XIA Links?

XIA Links is a multi-platform program developed by ExpertsLink that allows you to manage desktop and internet applications on any PC or computer network. It enables you to configure for all the end users and system administrators permissions to programs. You can use this program on any LAN, WLAN, MAN or any other computer that has installed this software on its computer. And even it can install an application on a mobile phone or iPad!
XIA Links Features:
1) Program for desktop and internet applications
2) Install on any PC or computer network
3) Create application shortcuts on any PC or computer network
4) Enable for any end users or system administrators
5) System requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP/8/2003/2000/2002/Me
6) Easy to use and very intuitive interface
7) Special actions are enabled for exiting, quitting the programs
8) Creates icons in the taskbar, and adds shortcuts to the Desktop
9) System stability guaranteed
10) Easy to maintain and functional
11) Create shortcuts and add applications to taskbar
12) Integrate with Active Directory
13) Supports any connection type such as Ethernet, WiFi, WiMAX
14) Can be integrated with Microsoft servers
15) Program language is English
16) Secure software allows you to control the documents, programs, downloads and installed applications
17) Can be integrated with Microsoft servers
18) Create icon shortcuts and add applications to the Desktop
19) Special actions are enabled for exiting, quitting programs
20) Can install to all types of mobile devices
21) From any computer.
22) Special actions are allowed
23) Installs the applications to any location on the network and is available for all users and for system administrators
24) Can be displayed on mobile devices such as android or iOS
25) Supports the program for Windows, iOS, Android, or Blackberry
26) Add multiple programs on a single location
27) Easy to create shortcuts for any programs for any server
28) It shows the graphical representations for an internet application
29) Allows you to arrange icons on the desktop for users
30) Allows you to organize application launchers and programs.
31) Special actions are allowed for exiting and quitting
32) Allows you to group the application shortcuts
33) Can be used on a LAN, Wi-Fi, CD, or any other network
34) It can create icons on the taskbar and can add programs to the Desktop

System Requirements:

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