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Word Vector Tool is a simple, easy to use Java library designed to help you create word vector representations of text documents. Word vectors can be used for various text processing tasks, as text classification, text clustering or information retrieval.







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Word Vector Tool was developed with the ultimate goal of providing an easy-to-use library in Java for representing and manipulating word vectors. Word vectors are vector representations of words which can be used to reconstruct the text from which a given vector was created. This reconstruction can be useful for a wide range of tasks in natural language processing, text classification, text clustering or information retrieval, among others.


1. Extract files

You can run Word Vector Tool locally by simply extracting the compressed file into your personal folder. Alternatively, you can also extract the files into an existing folder on your file system.

2. Add the library to your project

You can simply add Word Vector Tool to your project as a library. For this purpose, you simply need to extract the library’s zip archive into your project’s root folder and add the files wordvector.jar, wordvectormodel.jar, wordvectorutil.jar and wordvocabulary.dictionaries to your project’s /lib folder (just do a grep lib on Word Vector Tool source code). This should suffice for most scenarios, but to make sure it works perfectly, Word Vector Tool provides a special integration and setup tutorial that can be accessed by adding “setup.jar” to your /lib folder.

3. Add Word Vector Tool to your project

After adding the library to your project, you simply need to specify the library as a dependency. As part of the process you can specify the desired input and output file formats (by default these are “.txt” and “.vec”) and the desired vocabulary (for Word Vector Tool use the “word” dictionary by default).

You can then use Word Vector Tool to create a word vector (by default these are saved to “.vec” files, but you can specify the desired output format by simply changing the “WRD_FORMAT” constant in the source code).

Word Vector Tool Features

Java sources

Input / Output

By default Word Vector Tool creates vectors for the word dictionary “word” (file: word-dictionary.dictionaries.txt, version: 1). However, any available dictionary can be used for the creation of word vectors. This means that you can create new word vectors by simply adding your words to your word dictionary. The Word Vector Tool uses the file “word-dictionary.dictionaries.txt” for this purpose (just do a grep word-dictionary on Word Vector Tool source

Word Vector Tool Activator

This program checks how many times, how many words, how many characters this words count in your documents, and how much it is possible for know the information from a words. This program check word co-occurrence frequency from a word, which can describe the word co-occurrence by word counts of words, character counts of words and by character counts of words in a document. You can check the co-occurrence word frequencies of your document or any other words too. There are available pre-loaded word vector directory and word vector service for documents. Click “Help” button you will see tutorial.

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What’s New In?

General input format:

Word Vector Tool Help File:

How to use Word Vector Tool Help File:

– To view a help file use File > Open Help, then locate the HTML help file corresponding to the plugin you want to view.
Example: the html help file for Word Vector Tool is wordvector-help.html.

How to use Word Vector Tool API:

– To view a code example, use the APIs Window, navigate to the desired functional area (e.g. APIs Related with Tools/Plugins) and press F1.
Example: If you are looking for API related with word vector tool, navigate to APIs Related with Tools/Plugins and press F1.

How to use Word Vector Tool API:

– To learn more about the features of a particular API, see the documentation in the “Help Files” section for that plugin.
Example: To learn more about Word Vector Tool APIs related with document classification, click on the link for the File > Import/Export > Examples section, then click on the Classifier API plugin link.

How to use Word Vector Tool Window:

– To learn more about the features of the specific tool window, see the documentation in the “Help Files” section for the respective plugin.
Example: To learn more about word vector tool Window API related with document classification, click on the link for the File > Import/Export > Examples section, then click on the Classifier API plugin link.

Usage notes of Word Vector Tool:

– Word Vector Tool requires Java to be installed and to be running in order to function. The Java runtime version is 7 or higher.

– Word Vector Tool is a plugin for WordVector Tool window. The plugin is a collection of API related with document classification.

– Word Vector Tool documents are in the java.io.InputStream format and can be loaded using the document class Java.io.InputStreamReader.

– Word Vector Tool also supports the WordVector.loadFromFile() method in order to load documents in the java.io.File format.

– The code of Word Vector Tool is copyrighted 1998-2004 the authors, Inc., and is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2. The copyright or related notices that appear in the file are the same as for the package wordvector.

Classifier API:

– The API documentation for the “Classifier API” section of

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, or later
At least 2 GB of RAM
512 MB of RAM or more
10 GB free hard disk space
Apple Peripherals Compatible CD-ROM drive, DVD drive or Blu-ray drive
Network connection
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