Vikings Season 1 720p Uploaded

Vikings Season 1 720p Uploaded

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Vikings Season 1 720p Uploaded

vikings season 5 ends on a high note. featuring a standout performance by travis fimmel as an escaped prisoner, it might be the first episode on the season that stands alone as being exceptional. in the previous six episodes, weve followed bjorn, lagertha, king ecbert of wessex, and a series of secondary characters. this was the first episode to center around a central character, and it was a lot of fun to see him be the protagonist.

what i find intriguing about this installment is that it begins with hvitserks return to valhalla. we dont really get to see his journey back to the afterlife. i expect hvitserks most compelling exchanges with odin come in the fourth season, but its still an interesting clip that will give fans a sense of the norths history and culture.

ive come to accept that the best way to learn about ancient history is to see it. the oldest written text in the world was discovered at a previously undiscovered city called uruk, and it dates to around 3200 bce, and even though aslaug isnt at the top of anyone’s list for a babysitter, its interesting to see her son are all grown up and living in that city. finally, we get to see what happens when bjorns armies come across uruk, and that moment when rollo soldiers knock over its protective gates is a true moment of historicity in vikings as it feels like a bow to the brutality of the historical past. how could the likes of rollo, ivar, and ragnar never realize that in their arrogance, their actions are directly feeding this sense of resentment against them, as well as their descendants

there are all the different things that went into producing the show, from the practical to the psychological. speaking of which, another thing that was really well done was that when the vikings showed up in the present in the final scene, it seemed as if they were fleeing an invasion or something. it was a very well thought out sequence, with great images of houses on fire and the sounds of fighting all around. i would have liked to see a bit more of that in the past, but at least it ended right where things started. the vikings are a fun, exciting, and unique people, and theres no better time than right now to be watching them go from legend to reality. it seems like only yesterday that history gave them the chance to exist, and they wasted no time in making their mark.
the show is not a perfect study of the vikings, and it should be noted that the costume department did a really poor job during certain moments. my biggest pet peeve was with ubbe at the keg party. they didnt make him look any different than he does in the novels, and his outfit is so starkly contrasting with his character that it makes no sense. i also had trouble with some of the sword fights. the first time styr was held off with a large sword was just embarrassing. other than that, the show was excellent, and was certainly worthy of high acclaim and cult status. the action scenes were amazing, and i could see them being repeated or held up as a design template for future shows.
and that is to say nothing of the affair he had with his half-sister, and he being her father. ragnar may not have intended to harm the two sons, but as it turns out, all his scheming did was to make balder the younger and his older brother, bjorn, even less willing to serve him as he would have been willing to serving their father. bjorns return home is a big enough shocker, but he doesnt get his throne until after he stops himself from ordering the execution of the self-proclaimed king of wessex in the kingdom of surrey. ragnar seems shocked and somewhat hurt by that.

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