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Vehicle Manager is a software application designed to help you keep track of your vehicles, such as fuel consumption, service and parts. It is packed in a professional interface and sports some powerful options and handy configuration parameters.
Simple setup and professional UI
The installation procedure is a fast and uncomplicated task that shouldn't impose any difficulties. As far as the interface goes, Vehicle Manager is wrapped in a large window with a neatly organized structure, where you can get started by filling the database with vehicles. Specs for a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 are written to give you an idea of how the app works.
Edit vehicle data and monitor a fuel log
It is possible to edit vehicle information related to the model, year, odometer, make, color, driver/operator, type, department, license and registration, insurance, engine, transmission, tire size, and notes, among others. You can also attach a local picture file.
In a separate area you can monitor a fuel log after adding entries with the fill up date, US gallons, starting and ending odometer, odometer change, total cost, notes, brand, type, driver, state, as well as whether it was a complete fill up and for business purposes or not. The software tool shows total fuel cost and average fuel efficiency after taking into account all entries.
Set up and monitor a service schedule and log
Similarly, it is possible to follow a service schedule after adding new entries to the list with the service item, frequency, next due, reminder, notes, and attachments (if necessary). You can compile a report based on a specified date range and next due date, as well as export it to file.
The service log is no different from the fuel log. Vehicle Manager lets you enter a service item, date, odometer, notes, expenses and file attachments, after which you can generate and export reports to file.
Add vehicle parts, materials, personnel, vendors, and contacts
In addition to the previously described sections, you can put together a database with vehicle parts and materials to keep track of, attach extra files deemed as important for the inventory overall, create a list with personnel, vendors and contacts, and generate multipurpose reports, such as license and insurance, a vehicle list, or all vehicles by type.
Generate and export reports, encrypt the database
The database can be exported to file and imported later. Furthermore, you can view all reminders, password-protect the database, manage selection fields, as well as back up and restore the database. As far as configuration settings are concerned, you can modify the default measurement units when it comes to the currency, volume, efficiency and odometer.
Evaluation and conclusion
The software tool worked smoothly in our tests, without triggering the operating system to hang, crash or pop up error messages. Its impact on system performance is minimal. Taking into consideration its generous set of features dedicated to general vehicle maintenance, Vehicle Manager Professional Edition should satisfy the requirements of most users.


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Vehicle Manager Professional Edition Crack + For PC (Updated 2022)

Organize your vehicle database
Keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance and service needs in a powerful, integrated package.
Locate and attach complete parts catalogs
Order online parts with ease. Find your parts, compare prices, view standard images, and more.
Monitor your vehicle’s fuel consumption
Record detailed fuel usage logs and easily access them when needed.
Monitor your vehicle’s service schedule
Create individual reports about your vehicles’ condition. Keep track of service orders and save time with advanced scheduling and reminder features.
Manage your inventory of parts and materials
Conduct regular updates to your parts catalog, map out real-time work orders, and keep track of materials, stock levels, and shipping location.
Set up and monitor your vehicle maintenance schedule
Create service orders and track progress using a robust, customizable control panel.
Create a complete maintenance and repair log
View detailed logs about each service performed on your vehicle. Record service items, dates, notes, problems, and more.
Add and track vehicle contacts
Create, maintain, edit, and print contact records, and share them with your team.
Get a fast, easy, and free quote for part repairs
Generate a free quote for any part you need — whether it’s for repairs or a new vehicle.
Import and export your vehicle data
Organize vehicle history records, old service records, a complete inventory of parts and materials, and more.
Set up and monitor your vehicle inventory
Display valuable information about your vehicle’s condition using an easy-to-read, customizable control panel.
Change your vehicle configuration settings
Locate and set configuration parameters for your vehicle model, make, and year.
Add and track your vehicle parts and materials inventory
Track your inventory of original parts and aftermarket parts. Manage the movement of parts between departments and brands.
Manage your vehicle’s repair and service labor
Record detailed notes about each service performed on your vehicle.
Locate a nearby facility to help your vehicle
Search for locations that repair your vehicle model and model year. View detailed information about each location, review nearby competitors, and contact the best facility for fast, reliable service.
Manage your vehicle license and insurance
Enter your vehicles’ license, insurance, or registration data, and upload photos or complete a self-service form.
Analyze the cost of vehicle repairs
View a detailed list of your vehicles’ repair costs. Compare the

Vehicle Manager Professional Edition Crack+ License Key Full For Windows



Viktor Coelho

Vehicle Manager


Review Summary

This reviewer needs no introduction to the vehicle management software genre and his or her background in the automotive industry and general media is strong and powerful. His or her primary interest is in the professional edition.


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Neil Sharma

Full Review

Detailed Review


Security Fixed

This reviewer needs no introduction to the vehicle management software genre and his or her background in the automotive industry and general media is strong and powerful. His or her primary interest is in the professional edition.

The most important feature that makes this a professional edition is its ability to connect to auto manufacturers’ or vendors’ web service centers, providing access to a wide range of features that can make maintenance processes much simpler, not to mention they’re regularly updated.
The most basic features of the professional edition include the option to create a vehicle list, service schedule or purchase a part.
The software offers various reports to help you monitor inventory, so if you run a service shop you can easily fill in service information and create reports based on the dates you choose. For example, the app can show you the percentage of your inventory that is fitted with an air filter. Another report you can generate shows you the status of your inventory by month, quarter, year or even by specific dates. In addition, you can generate a part list, which includes a check by part number, manufacturer and color; and by vehicle, which includes the dates, vehicle characteristics and cost of a part.
Likewise, you can generate a vehicle list, which includes the vehicle’s make, model, year and condition, which includes the mileage it has been driven, whether it is a used or a new vehicle, and if the services were done at a dealership, paid or done at home.
In the professional edition, there are also five preset reports, which you can use as templates, such as a vehicle report, inventory report, vehicle service report, parts inventory report or parts cost report.
There are also options to change the measurements of the currency, volume, efficiency and odometer and display unit of the program. As an example, it can be changed to miles per gallon, since that’s the most commonly used measure.
There are reports for vehicles with

Vehicle Manager Professional Edition With License Code

Vehicle Manager is a universal software tool designed to help you keep track of your vehicles, such as fuel consumption, service and parts. In other words, it is the driver’s companion for those who run businesses. The software incorporates a number of features that allow you to keep track of the costs, service times and history of various vehicles. In addition, it enables you to create reports and other results to help you make better business decisions. The application allows you to keep track of fuel efficiency, maintenance history, total fuel costs and average fuel economy. If you own a piece of equipment, Vehicle Manager is the tool you need. Download this driver and get started.

An easy-to-use solution to keeping track of vehicles, making and tracking service call, payroll and employee schedule tracking with automatic backup and recovery. Automatically resolves possible conflicts of data across several departments.
Compact and lightweight.
Easy to setup and use.
All services and appointments are backed up to the cloud.
One of the most advanced cloud based Software Inventory solutions.
Restore From Previous Backup
Employee Schedule
Service Invoice
Auto Backups
Emergency Service Call Tracking
Are there any limitations on the total number of services or appointments a particular user can make?
No, you can make as many as you want but you cannot exceed the number of services available on our site.
Are there any limitations on the number of service providers that a particular user can add?
No, you can add as many as you want but you cannot add the same service provider twice.
Can the program be used across different locations (department)?
Yes, you may choose to use the software across different locations, however, service providers will only be displayed once and service appointments will only be associated with a single location.
How does the Service Provider form look like?

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What’s New In Vehicle Manager Professional Edition?

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