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UnitBits7 is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you perform various conversation operations related to distance, temperature, weight, velocity, volume, time, surface, and other handy parameters.
The advantages of being portable
Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.
You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to carry out conversion operations between different measurement units on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.
Intuitive layout and configuration settings
You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup that allows you to configure the built-in parameters with minimal effort.
Four main functions can be easily triggered directly from the main panel, such as distance (e.g. centimeters, miles, meters, yards, inches), weight (e.g. grams, pounds, ounces), temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin), and velocity (e.g. knots, miles per hour), but this is not all that UnitBits7 has to offer.
You may perform a wide range of calculations related to area (e.g. square feet, hectares), volume (e.g. liters, gallons), bits and bytes (e.g. byte, terabyte), ASCII code (decimal, hexadecimal, binary), time format (24 and 12 hours), time (e.g. years, months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds), surface (acres, square meter), as well as downloading time, which is calculated based on file size, file size unit (e.g. bits, bytes, megabytes), and transfer speed.
What’s more, the program lets you copy the results to the clipboard, so you can easily paste them into other third-party tools. Additionally, you can make the utility remain on top of other tools and this proves to be particularly useful especially when dealing with multiple apps at the same time.
Bottom line
All in all, UnitBits7 proves to be a reliable application that helps you accomplish the unit conversion operations on the breeze. The intuitive layout and wide range of supported measurement units make it an ideal tool for rookies and professionals alike.


Download >>> https://urluso.com/2mwetd

Download >>> https://urluso.com/2mwetd






UnitBits7 Crack+ [Win/Mac]

UnitBits7 Cracked Version application helps you transform between measurement units within seconds without making you deal with tiny decimal places manually.
This utility can be used for all kinds of situations, from office activities to common home life chores.
Within seconds, you can convert, calculate, and print common measurement units within different windows, the control panel, or the clipboard.
I.e. you can specify the unit of: weight, volume, volume, temperature, surface, distance, and time.
UnitBits7 Product Key Features:
–> Accuracy of measurement within 0.01% of the actual value.
–> Independently of OS, you can use the application to transform between the most commonly-used units, like: temperature, volume, distance, weight, velocity, and time.
–> Independently of the Windows platform, you can use the application on any device (e.g. pc, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) and use our built-in units for your common activity.
–> Quick information on results, as well as the ability to copy the results to the clipboard.
–> The built-in set of units lets you perform conversions between grams, pounds, yards, bits, bytes, and other hundreds of measurement units, including:
— Heat (Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin),
— Air Pressure (Pascal, hectopascal, millibar),
— Air Density (g/cm3, grams per cubic centimeter),
— Airspeed (kilometer per second, miles per hour),
— Altitude (meters, feet, miles, kilometers, kilometers per hour, pounds per square inch),
— Pressure (kilopascal, millibar, hectopascal),
— Weight (grams, pounds, ounces, grams per kilogram, pounds per kilogram, kilos),
— Depth (centimeters, meters, miles, centimeters per inch, meters per inch, feet per inch, miles per foot),
— Area (square feet, square yards, square meters, square centimeters, square meters per square centimeter, square meters per square foot),
— Volume (liters, gallons, milliliters, liters per cubic centimeter, liters per cubic meter, litres per cubic decimeter, liters per cubic foot),
— Bits (bits, bytes, megabytes, kilobytes, gibibytes),
— Power (watts, milliwatts, horsepower, voltamperes, j

UnitBits7 Crack+ Activator For PC Latest

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes
From the developer:
This is a lightweight tool for performing unit conversion operations.
As an added bonus, you will find the following utilities to use with it:
– paste results into the clipboard (copy to clipboard, paste to clipboard)
– dump results to clipboard
– download time estimation
– get “&runk for me”
– get “&runk”
– convert any amount to “&runk”
– convert any amount to the amount of time passed since creation of the file
– convert any amount to the last modification date of the file
– convert any amount to the date of creation of the file
To use UnitBits7 Crack For Windows, simply hit “Run” and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, you will be asked to enter the number or units you want to convert. At that point, you may enter your desired amount.
After that, all possible units, with their corresponding values, are displayed on the main window. Just scroll around until you find the unit you want to use and click on it to choose the value you want.
Please note that UnitBits7 is a free trial version.
To remove ads, you have to buy the full version. If you don’t want to buy it, the most convenient way is to download the ad-free version on our website and then install it.
– Convert between approximately 100 different units
– Convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit to Celsius, Kelvin to Fahrenheit, Kelvin to Celsius
– Convert from minutes to hours, hours to minutes, hours to days, days to hours, days to minutes, minutes to hours
– Convert from seconds to minutes, minutes to seconds
– Convert from megabytes to gigabytes, gigabytes to megabytes, megabytes to gigabytes, bytes to megabytes
– Convert from kilobytes to gigabytes, gigabytes to kilobytes, kilobytes to gigabytes, bytes to kilobytes
– Convert from kilobytes to gigabytes, gigabytes to kilobytes, kilobytes to gigabytes, bytes to kilobytes
– Convert from bytes to kilobytes, gigabytes to kilobytes, kilobytes to gigabytes, megabytes to kilobytes
– Convert from megabytes to gigabytes, gigabytes to megabytes, megabytes to gigabytes, bytes to megabytes
– Convert from megabytes to gigabytes, gigabytes to megabytes

UnitBits7 Free Registration Code

The user-friendly distance, weight, temperature, velocity, volume, time, surface, and other handy conversion calculator.
** Unit Converter and Calc UI/Themes UnitConverter:
UnitConverter allows you to switch between the default settings and custom styles.
It is easy to change the UI Theme in “Settings” -> “General” -> “Theme” -> “Switch Theme”. You can also use Key Bindings.
These are the basic functions. If you found your chosen function is not available in UnitConverter, please feel free to leave us a message by using “Suggestion” in Settings -> “General” -> “Feature Request”.
* Calculate and convert from over 2,000,000 units to other units
* Widget set for distance, time, velocity, and temperature
* Measurement units for circle, square, and ellipse
* Width, height, and area measurement units: sq/m/in
* Color (available for: weight, volume, temperature, velocity, and distance)
* Measurement unit conversion
* Unit-based views
* Timeline
* Checkbox
* Menu
* Measurement conversions
* SI unit conversion
* Numeric keypad (available for: weight, volume, temperature, velocity, and distance)
* Plural UI (available for: distance, time, velocity, temperature, and volume)
* Number of decimal places (1-9)
* Tap-to-select (available for: distance, temperature, volume, velocity, and weight)
* Plain/Slider/Blur (available for: distance, temperature, volume, velocity, and weight)
* Color (available for: weight, volume, temperature, velocity, and distance)
* Color picker (for: number of decimal places)
* Style for profile selection
* Theme selection
* Keyboard
* Unlink the calculation, you do not need to enter (available for: temperature, velocity, volume, weight, and distance)
* Time format (hours, minutes, seconds)
* Time unit
* Scaling
* Memory/Desktop
* Clipboard/Speed
* Type conversion (available for: bits, bytes, megabytes, files, and time)
* Copy-Paste (dock)
* Your name and profile picture
* Create a “Time Chart”

What’s New In UnitBits7?

Does your GPA under rate that of your friends? If so, isn’t it time you finally achieve your academic goal of being graduating? Well, now you can with the help of UnitBits7. This program lets you perform various conversion operations related to distance, temperature, weight, velocity, volume, time, surface and other handy parameters. This simple yet powerful software has been designed to make all your day to day conversations with your friends, family or teachers quick and easy.
Program Features:
?MONEY MATH – Conversions between different measurements are made without requiring you to enter intermediate calculations. You get the answer in just one click.
?MEASUREMENT – You can easily convert distance, temperature, weight, velocity, volume, time, and surface measurements to another measurement. All the functions have been integrated into the three menus.
?DONE DURING OPERATION – The software makes all the conversions independent of one another, thus removing the time consuming error prone task of performing conversions one by one.
?RESULT DUMP – You can easily save the calculations on the desktop and share it with others.
?DELIVERED TO CLIPBOARD – The program makes all your calculations easily accessible to third-party software. You can simply copy the results to the clipboard, which makes the conversion task a breeze.
?FLEXIBLE COLOR CHOICES – You can easily customize the program to look like your personal preference. You can choose the colors of the menus and can use different colors for the active calculation.
?UNIFICATION – You can easily combine several calculations as a final result. Just click the Done During Operation button to get the desired result.
?TOTAL DISPLAYED DETAILS – The program provides a display of all the conversions as a final result. The result can be displayed on the monitor in real time, as well as in more detailed view.
?WHEN THE END OF TIME – The program provides an end time of all the calculations performed. You can store the end time as an optional setting.
?ADD TO REGISTRY – The program does not leave any traces on the Windows registry. You can easily integrate the program on other laptops and mobile phones without the need of going through any additional installation steps.
?CONFIGURATION AND INTERFACE DESCRIPTION – When you launch the program for the first time, you are greeted by a well-designed user interface. You can access the options and settings from the main menu

System Requirements:

An online connection to the Internet (or via LAN)
Adobe Flash Player 10.3.x or later (or Java 1.6 or later)
Computers running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux are supported
Safari on the Mac and Chrome on Windows are recommended to be used for testing
Internet Explorer is not supported
PowerPoint 2010 (32/64-bit)
Intel Pentium 4 or above CPU (or AMD Athlon or above CPU)
1GB or more of RAM (

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