Twitter For Windows 10 8

Twitter for Windows 10/8.1 is a handy and effective utility that comes in handy for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 users who need to send tweets and get real-time Twitter notifications without using a browser. With the help of this program you are able to manage your account and send messages effortlessly.
The application only runs in full screen, so if you are performing other activities or working with other programs, you will have to switch back and forth between Twitter for Windows 8 and your desktop.
Twitter client optimized for touch-supported devices
Once you launch Twitter, you are required to insert your user credentials. It also enables you to reset the password by redirecting you to a specific page using the default web browser, as well as create a new Twitter account. After that, you can allow the application to run in the background so you can view all the notifications on the lock screen.
The main app window displays all the available tweets and helps you get videos, conversations, pictures and ideas in your timeline. You can also write your own tweets and display them in real-time. What’s more, you can upload a personal picture from your library or uploaded from your camera and set your network localization.
Send tweets, view messages, and more
Also, you can click on a specific tweet and emphasize it. This way, you can reply to it or simply delete it from your feeds. The search field allows you to browse for specific notifications and friends with ease. Simply input the word and you will view recommended pages within seconds. You can follow various pages, access friends’ page, send them messages and view all their available pictures.
All things considered, Twitter for Windows 10/8.1 is a practical and useful application that comes in handy for users who need to receive the latest Twitter notifications to their computer without using a web browser.


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