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It’s a really good idea to be aware of the time it takes to finish your tasks, because it helps you better organize your time. On the bright side of things, this doesn’t need to be a complex activity, and specialized computer applications like TimeMyProject come with intuitive features for counting multiple projects or steps.
Set a password to protect your work
Setup takes little time, with the possibility to have the application launched right afterwards. Note, however, that it goes directly to the tray area, so don’t worry if you don’t see anything on launch. Needless to say that interacting with the tray icon brings up the main window, which displays six different timers you can configure.
Launching the application for the first time might require you to set a password, so that only you have control over your projects. There are no restrictions in terms of characters, but it’s a good idea to create something which is easy to remember, not that there’s really anything to hide inside this task counter.
No option to generate reports
As mentioned, you have the possibility to set up to six different timers. These can be fitted with a name. However, they only work as countdown timers, so you need to have an idea of how much time you get to spend with your tasks. Whenever a specific timer expires, and audio alert is triggered, with a window showing up on screen, letting you know what activity is done.
Timers can be removed, and you can leave the application minimized to the tray area during countdown. Sadly, there’s no option to generate reports, even though each timer displays when the last finished time was.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that TimeMyProject does offer multiple timers to help you keep track of your activities. However, it lacks the integrity of a proper time manager, with no possibility to generate reports, or simply count time, rather than to act as a countdown timer.







TimeMyProject Crack + [2022]

# TimeMyProject

Ideal for small businesses or freelancers, TimeMyProject is a timer and tracker that lets you set custom time intervals to separate tasks and projects.
Let’s see how it works
Whenever you have a task or a project to perform, a timer is triggered.

When you set up a timer, it stays there in the tray area, where you can see if there’s anything going on. The timers are triggered from the main window.
Start to work right away
We’ll see how to use the tray icon in a second, but first we need to get started. The application is rather easy to use and launch.
Start by setting up a password if you want to control the application. Type anything you like for it, however, make sure you can remember it, so that you won’t lose control of your tasks or projects.
TimeMyProject Main Window
From the main window, you have the possibility to choose the timers you’ll be using. There are six different timers, which can be named or unlocked.

Different timers are displayed right below the main window, each with an interval to finish work.
Tray Icon
This is what you get after launching the application for the first time. It looks like a tray icon, but is really a countdown timer, as confirmed by the sound alert triggered as soon as one or multiple timers expire.
There’s also a button to go to the main window, so you can always check what’s being done.

Our overall review

TimeMyProject doesn’t waste any time. After you’ve successfully set up your project, it’s ready to go in the main window.

However, there’s one thing that’s not so good:

No option to generate reports

This might seem like a minor thing, but something that’s missing in this project is a full time tracker.

Even if you’re working for a company or a freelancer, you might have a need to be able to store data for projects, and then generate a report about them at the end of the day.

In terms of interface, and the times set up by the user, TimeMyProject is a great time tracker. The problem is that there’s no way to export data.

From reading the manual, we found this possibility:

Export data

Just in

TimeMyProject Crack Free

Tiny app that counts time and projects.


The app is actually the successor to another tiny project management application. This one is originally called Timely, and it’s still available to download via the web.

Timely was quite a cool app, and it had some nice features. Unfortunately, the developer doesn’t offer support anymore, and I myself moved on to other project management solutions.

This application is not bad per se. It’s actually a decent option for people who want to have a highly visible timer on screen, with the possibility to be able to remove it with one click.

What is good?


There’s no need to have a paid account to use the app.

Countdown timers with a custom name and an easy to remember password.

No option to generate reports, though you can leave it minimized to the tray area.

There’s no possibility to edit reminders, and no way to set a reminder time.

Not a time manager, and thus no reports are possible.


Works with only one project at the time.

No option to display a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or lifetime plan.

Short on documentation.

No option to edit, remove or add tools.

Tasks are added to the project overview, but they are not editable.

No option to add recurring tasks, and no option to edit them.


TimeMyProject is a decent project timer, with no option to generate reports. Still, if you aren’t afraid to browse the Web with your phone, you could have a look.

Download TimeMyProject

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TimeMyProject License Keygen Free Download (Latest)

TimeMyProject is a small and easy-to-use time tracking and scheduling tool. It is helpful for everyone who works with a lot of project or deadline. If you can’t find the right tool for you, you can use the built-in scheduler to set your deadlines.
TimeMyProject has many other features and it provides an easy way to meet your important deadlines. All the functionality is available with the TimeMyProject graphical user interface (GUI), not the console. You can run TimeMyProject.exe from your command line if you prefer a command-line-only version.

TimeMyProject ChangeLog:

– Fixed: Thread was updated even if there were no updates to install

Being a designer myself, I love to look for ways to find out about forthcoming releases and what new features are coming up. My favorite technical platform for that is the Bugzilla project tracking system. Many open source projects like Gnome or KDE use it, also an update notification doesn’t necessarily imply a new release, but a new version of a program.
Some time ago, looking for a program like that, I hit upon the possibility of using the RSS feed of the feed.feedburner.com service. This is a relatively new service, and it seems to be only compatible with Opera and Firefox browsers. If you don’t have these browsers installed, you can use the built-in import function of your email program to download the RSS feed as a file.
If you download the feed as a file, you need to open it in your email program (in my case, I usually use Opera). Once you open it, you’ll end up looking at the description page of the feed that starts off with “RSS Title “. You need to mark the entire description for import into bugzilla, only the URL containing “RSS Title” is of importance. In my case, it starts with “RSS title = ” as it is part of the description. That’s it.
This allows to track incoming update notifications by looking at a certain URL. I’m going to track these updates right here in this post, so that you can always check back for the newest version. I received a couple of updates, so you can see for yourself that the service works.
Also, if you can’t wait for the

What’s New in the TimeMyProject?

• 6 timer modes
• Displays countdown timers with audio alarm
• Reminders: Sleep timer, expiration alert, and alarm
• Password protection
• Screenshot, printable, and exported data
• Summary: counts up or down
• Locking in background

TimeMyProject is a very simple software for managing time and project management. It is very easy to use and does not require any documentation. It can be very helpful when you have a deadline or you need to count the time available for a project. For example, by choosing the ‘count down’ mode you can know how much time you have available until the event, or it can be helpful for calculating the time you need to finish your project.
TimeMyProject Key Features:
• 2 timers
• Count up and down
• Audio alarm
• Password protection
• Screenshot, printable, and exported data
• Summary: counts up or down
• Locking in background

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Bugtime Review
Bugtime features:
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Bugtime is a very interesting application for bug
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System Requirements For TimeMyProject:

I am a PC gamer myself, and I have run the game on my PC on a Windows 10.
The visuals are amazing, and the game looks fantastic on high-end PC gaming rigs.
That being said, the game can be very demanding on any PC you may have.
That being said, the game can be very demanding on


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