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Theodorus is a SQLite query tool. It’s developed for developers, but that doesn’t mean it was made just for them. It has a multi-window interface that makes it easy to use. Since it’s written in C#, you’ll find yourself right at home. It comes as a pure library, and a running instance that makes it easy to test your queries. Its design is quite versatile, and it comes with extended functionality. Additionally, it integrates with.NET Framework
Why You Should Install Theodorus:
If you have any curiosity or questions about SQLite, or want to see just how easy it is to create databases with Visual Studio, Theodorus is the tool you’ll want to try out. It’s well-documented, and comes with a help desk that keeps a constant eye on users. Since it’s easy to develop, you’ll want to check it out sooner or later.
Theodorus Features:
SQLite Functions
Calculating the Chi-Squared and Correlation Coefficients
Making Pivot Tables
Get Pivot Table Values
Making Canonical Queries
Extension of the Database
Theodorus Documentation:
Detailed documentation for both Theodorus Library and SQLite Database Tables are located here:

Win32 (.NET Framework)
Win32 is the same installation as the Theodorus Source from the download page.

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Theodorus Full Product Key Free [Mac/Win]

Theodorus Serial Key is a SQLite query tool written in C#/WPF, for developers who want to learn SQLite, expand their knowledge of SQLite and use it to display their data in an interactive and intuitive way. Its designed for developers, to allow the creation, modification, and exploration of SQLite databases.
Theodorus Free Download Feature:
• Simple, Interactive Way To Create and Explore SQLite Databases
• Generate SQLite Database Scripts for your mobile application
• Display the data in an intuitive way
• Support for managing and manipulating tables, views, stored procedures, triggers and indexes
• Access stored procedures from other solutions
• “Run” SQLite statements against a database
• Syntax highlighting (Find Definitions)
• Word/Emacs Mode
• Word Wrap
• Displays SQLite Objects (Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Indexes, Columns, Operators)
• Displays SQLite Objects in tree mode, including their primary keys
• Ability to create and view SQLite Views
• SQLite operators and functions
• Syntax-aware completion with T4 (Microsoft)
• Structured programming mode
• SQLite Type Conversion
• Support for SQLite Database Transactions
• Initialize a SQLite database from an XML file
• Lots of other features
• Easy to customize
• User-friendly and Intuitive Way To Modify an SQLite Database
• Handles user input (Drag and Drop support for altering records)
• Adds SQLite Records (Insert, Update, Delete, and Edit)
• Indicates record changes (for example with tags)
• Resolve conflicts
• Drag and Drop support to move, delete or add records from/to tables
• Sorting of records
• Support for SQLite Queries (Select, Insert, Update, Delete and Execute Statements)
• Syntax coloring of SQLite statements
• Execute SQLite Statements
• Ability to define own queries
• Allows for dropping or altering table columns
• Allows for dropping columns
• Refreshes the data in the database, if needed
• Supports TDS (
• Allows for the execution of SQLite stored procedures
• Allows for the display and modification of SQLite stored procedures
• Allows for the display of SQLite triggers
• Allow for the creation and modification of indices
• Allows for the modification of

Theodorus Crack +

Contains a SQLite database that can be queried and navigated by developer. The database contains data about databases and related information and is constantly updated by Theodorus. New versions of the database are built automatically whenever changes are made to the theodorus.exe.exe.

Theodorus Purpose:

Theodorus is designed to be a replacement for sqlitebrowser and sqlite3 for developers. It contains all the tools that developers use when developing applications with SQLite and provides functionality that isn’t in the SQLite base files. Theodorus also runs without the need for an external installation. If you wish to install theodorus to a virtual drive, it can also be run on its own, without a SQLite database.
Theodorus Features:

The database created by Theodorus uses the WINDOWS TEXT file format.
You can query and navigate Theodorus databases using common SQL commands, as well as the built-in graphical interface.

Changes to the database are immediately reflected in the IDE, meaning that you don’t need to restart the application to update the database.

Theodorus allows you to create new databases in any location you choose. These are dynamically stored in your application path and can be easily worked in your application.
Theodorus also contains a history feature allowing you to save your previous database changes.

You can keep your databases containing any information. You can store databases, projects, and settings.

It is cross platform compatible, meaning you can run Theodorus on any Windows operating system.

Theodorus projects can be exported into XML files, to ease the life of developers who wish to share their work.

I hope you find Theodorus useful!

Theodorus web:

Theodorus GitHub:

On the Github page you will find a full list of supported databases.

Theodorus Changelog:

You can track Theodorus’ history of versions and their changes.

Show me Theodorus Features:

1. Create a folder and save a database or project.

2. Open the database using the SQLite Database Browser.

The Database has a save state and history options.

3. Write

What’s New in the?

Theodorus is a database query tool designed to make it easier to understand, develop and maintain SQLite databases, and learn SQLite.
The aim is to be stable and fast, but also easy to use. It has a graphical GUI for editing and displaying SQLite databases, a query engine that lets users construct queries using Java-like SQL and a powerful Python API that uses the same syntax and features as Python.
The code is written in C#/WPF and fully supports LINQ, NHibernate, Entity Framework and the SQLite database engine.
Theodorus Features:
Theodorus uses the same SQLite database engine as most other SQLite tools. This means it can be used with SQLite databases created with any other tools and have the same look and feel as them.
Theodorus can also be used with SQLite databases that are created using standard SQL scripts or using the official SQLite command line interface.
Theodorus is both a query tool and a database browser. It allows you to visualize your databases, export the result of any query or browse tables or queries in XML and SQL.
Theodorus is simple to use. It is very stable and doesn’t crash. Its GUI is simple to use and layout the main buttons and toolbars as you need them.
There is a built-in database browser that allows you to view, display, and edit tables. The browser works with data in different databases; it is fully customizable, with separate views for each table. It can display the schema of the tables and it has its own configuration file, which you can edit to use different colors or styles.
Theodorus uses an object database to store and query data. It can import object databases such as SQLite, NBM and CSV, and the data stored in the database can be edited in the same way as with tables.
Theodorus has a Python API for writing custom extensions. These are then registered with the tool and provide additional features that can be accessed via a Python API. Currently, the Theodorus Python API is used to add a reference to the database and provide a debugger.
Theodorus lets you export your databases and queries to XML or other formats for later playback or distribution.
Theodorus has a designer that allows you to easily set the properties of GUI objects and to design the GUI using a graphical editor.
In Theodorus, you can use the simple JDBC data access API to interact with databases that use

System Requirements For Theodorus:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64-bit)
Processor: Intel i3 or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 700 series (optional)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 50 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Additional Notes: For the most precise results, use the NVIDIA Control Panel to set your display settings to the highest resolution you have available.
If your computer meets the minimum

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