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Handwriting is unique to each individual, but this doesn’t mean writing on a computer needs to be any different. There are countless different fonts to use when writing for cool personalization of nearly any kind of text. What’s more, you can take matters into your own hands and fully customize fonts with applications like Font Maker.
Start from scratch or work on existing fonts
On the bright side of things, the application doesn’t take you through a setup process, so you can start building your own fonts from the moment download is done. Needless to say that this makes it possible to have it carried around on a thumb drive in case you want to use it on other computers with little effort.
It can take a little time until the application gets all of its assets ready, but shortly after launch, a font selection window is brought up. You need to start from an existing font, and this is a good thing, allowing you to use it as a template. Don’t worry, the original font doesn’t get replaced, unless you want to.
Various editing and drawing tools
Several drawing tools are at your disposal, such as a generous canvas, color palette, and more. There’s the possibility to zoom in and out, select, copy, paste, add shadows, borders, and more. A name can also be added to each character for easy identification.
Although the application starts with the selection screen, loading a different one is only possible if the file is a bitmap font. Saving is either done as a bitmap font file, or building the font to be ready for use on your computer.
A few last words
All things considered, we can state that Font Maker can come in handy when you can’t really find the right font for your projects and want to build your own. You can start off from any existing one, or from scratch, while the canvas and tools are sure to help you easily design unique characters.







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FMS (Forensic Macro Scanners) is a free, portable application designed to scan multiple.jpg and.bmp image files for potential graphical artifacts, or any suspicious, hidden files. It is specifically designed to find evidence of document alteration, such as: watermarking, resampling, and JPEG encoding.
Portable Application
FMS is a portable application, simply because it is designed to be installed and run on any Windows computer. Besides, it can be used from any USB stick or external hard drive, or copied to a CD.
Find Files
FMS can be used to scan hundreds of files in a matter of minutes. All it needs are all the image files in the folder, located on the flash drive.
Utilizes MaxMind GeoIP databases
FMS uses MaxMind’s databases to determine the country and/or city of each image. It also uses a database to determine the browser used to download the image.
Detects image encoders
FMS can detect a great number of image encoders. It’s a process quite similar to watermarking; however, the encoders can be far more sophisticated than just simple text or font overlays. FMS is designed to recognize such encoders, based on their structure and image orientation. For instance, it can identify strong JPEGs, images saved in popular image format-types, scanned drawings, and the embedded codes in pages. It can even extract tags from jpgs, bmps, and other format-types.
File type filtering
FMS is capable of working with a huge number of file types, with an option to set that filters out unwanted extensions.
Detects inkjet printers
FMS is able to detect page printers, inkjet cartridges, paper sizes, etc.
Detects encoded images
FMS also detects images that have been encoded. An image will be evaluated for its watermark, embedded graphics, encoding algorithm, image type, and so on.
Detects pixelated images
FMS can even detect images that have been pixelated and have their pixel positions changed.
Watermark detection
FMS detects any item that can be used to form a watermark. The watermark could be from a font, text, or an image. FMS also detects how the item has been applied.
Extract watermark text
FMS can extract any text from the watermark. Based on the extraction algorithm, it can even detect if the text has

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Step into an all-new generation of entertainment with VIP! From the category-defining hits of the award-winning show to the action-packed suspense of the original live-action films, this revolutionary new app for iPad includes everything the growing legion of fans want and more.
Cats, Cuusoo, Critter Day, Kittens, Woodchucks, Mice… you can wear out that iPad or e-reader keyboard, but there’s no end to the animals you can rescue. Create or join a Zoo with friends and other gamers, and collect precious items that help Animals. At the My Zoo, friends can invite you to their Zoo, and compare zonings and achievements. There’s also a catalog with categories like Precious, Animals, Meerkats, Pet Shop, Baby Care, and Zoodles. The game features more than 7,500 pictures of animals, from the entirety of the many Animal Adventures films to your favorite characters. There are 50 interactive animal wallpapers for you to add to your iPhone home screen and more than 100 moods to make your own Animal Music.
Moods. Even if you aren’t a musical animal, you can make your own Animal Music in the multistep (and stereo) music maker, or watch the animals as you work through different styles with the slider. You’ll have the opportunity to customize your Animal name and include the sounds you make during different events in the Write Your Own My Zoo game.
Accelerometer. The Zoo Card lets your animal capture the Animal Adventures series from the iPhone app, and even has a game that lets you capture your animal and challenge a friend’s to see whose Animal ends up the stronger. At the Animal Adventures 24 app, you can get to the heart of the animal world without leaving your home. There, you can manage your animal’s photos and videos, add friends and get more Animal Adventures from the iPhone app. The app also includes the game Pet Pals, which lets you collect Animal species and unlock cool new treasures. You can even sync your Animal’s photos and stories with the Animal Adventures app.
Cats, Cuusoo, Critter Day, Kittens, Woodchucks, Mice… you can wear out that iPad or e-reader keyboard, but there’s no end to the animals you can rescue. Create or join a Zoo with friends and other gamers, and collect precious items that help Animals. At the My Zoo, friends can invite you to their Zoo,

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* Modern ID3 v2 Tags, ID3 v1 Tags, ID3 v1.1 tags and ID3 v2.3+ tags supported.
* Rename the files inside multiple folders
* Sort & Move MP3 files to different folders
* Make folders inside MP3 files
* Optional: Rename MP3 files to get rid of ID3-v2 headers
* Sort MP3 tags in MP3 files (show ID3/v1.1/ID3/v2.3)
* Sort MP3 albums inside folders (by year, decade, genre, artist, album)
* Insert album art into MP3 files (same album in different folders)
* Backup MP3 files and/or folders to support for restoring projects in the future
* You can write a description for a file, to make it easy to find later (tips: use capital letters)
* You can select a backup folder for your files
* You can export your MP3 playlist to a text file in HTML format or to Windows Media Player playlist file
* You can create zip files with the MP3 files included
* You can use APO file selection
* You can use RAR format for zip files
* You can set MP3 samples as a wallpaper
* You can create shortcuts to the MP3 files
* You can remove files using a checkbox
* You can delete the files using shift+Delete
* You can rename the files using shift+Return
* You can set encryption levels: 0-256 bit
* You can set directory (folder) structure for the MP3 files
* You can sort MP3 files according to the chosen folder structure
* You can move the files into folders according to the chosen sorting structure
* You can create a backup of all files in a folder
* You can add files into folders of a certain name
* You can rename the tags (ID3/v2.2)
* You can sort the tags (ID3/v2.2)
* You can edit tags (ID3/v2.2)
* You can rename the tags (ID3/v2.2)
* You can insert tags (ID3/v2.2) in the ID3 tags of your MP3 files
* You can open/close directories
* You can burn MP3 files to CD or DVD
* You can use a separate folder to burn MP3 files to CD

What’s New in the Surge?

* An application which you can install on your PC or laptop without any installation.
* You can share and use the image which you have taken.
* You can select the category, place, state, area and city to which you want to add the image.
* You can search the image from the selected category, place, state, area and city.
Surge for Windows 10 is a useful application that will help you manage the photos and videos which you have taken with your smartphone.
It comes packed with a virtual gallery and allows you to browse your digital media, create new albums, add descriptions and tags to the photos and videos you have taken.
This awesome tool enables you to set up sharing options to easily share your images and videos with the help of social media sites.
You can search for images and videos both among the albums and the content.
In addition, this innovative application allows you to set up a slideshow, schedule the image, create a slideshow from the videos which have been already taken, set a preferred quality for your images and create clips out of photos and videos.
Surge also offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts to help you perform common tasks in an easy way.
Wondershare DVD to Mobile Converter is a powerful software tool that can convert DVD to 3GP for mobile phones.
The package, which does not require additional programs to install, lets you convert any type of DVD into mobile phone-compatible 3GP.
To begin with, with this application, you can simply insert your DVD to start the conversion process.
After the conversion completes, you can playback the converted videos on your mobile device in the 3GPP format.
Adobe Soundbooth Pro is a complete solution for audio editing and mixing.
With its various built-in audio-production tools you can instantly create your own professional recordings.
Create professional-looking audio material quickly and easily.
Create your own music recordings, create podcasts, and add professional-level voiceovers to your own videos, all in one straightforward, easy-to-use editing environment.
On the user interface, you will be impressed with the incredible set of tools, configurable dialogs and customizable preferences that allow you to create professional-sounding recordings.
You can add external audio sources (CDs, MP3s, and more), work with multi-cam editing, and even add virtual audio effects to create incredibly sophisticated sound projects.
What’s more, you can use the suite as a standalone

System Requirements:

Steam Link-supported controller (USB or Bluetooth), to be used with Steam Controller.
Recommended Controller:
Steam Controller-supported controller, for use with Steam Controller.
Steam Controller-supported Xbox/PlayStation Controller
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
Windows 7 SP2, Windows 8.1 SP1, or Windows 10 SP1
Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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