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The WEBP format was developed and released by Google to provide web developers with a way of creating smaller yet high-quality images in order to make the web faster. Also, any user who has limited storage space and needs to chop off some file size can safely convert to WEBP as long as they have a browser to open the photos with. If you are finding yourself in one of these situations, WebP Express can give you a helping hand.
Simple drag and drop conversion
Once the interface is opened, you just have to drag your PNG, JPEG or GIF images inside, but before doing that, make sure to set the quality levels. There are no menus, buttons, or commands involved in the process, not even an output destination selector. Just drop an image in, and the WEBP will be generated in the same location.
Furthermore, WebP Express is delivered as a portable application, meaning that no information will be written in other locations on your system except in the tool folder, and also, it can be copied on a portable storage device and used at any time on any computer.
An element might be missing
After a quick look at the developer's site, the application is presented with an extra function that is supposed to convert WEBP to PNG, and a screenshot is backing it up. However, while testing the application, that feature was nowhere to be found. Maybe it will be introduced in future updates, in case it hasn't been dropped.
To sum it up
WebP Express is indeed an intuitive and easy-to-use program, as it requires nothing more than a drag and drop action to convert your images to the WEBP format. It might lack a function for now, but unless you are looking to turn WEBP into PNG, that shouldn't bother you.







Spark 2.9.0 Crack+ With Registration Code For PC [Latest]

It is interesting for playing with colors.
Spark Features:
Draws all kinds of color patterns.
It is a free application with good performances and good results.
Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use screen recording utility with useful features.
Screen Recorder is able to capture and save a screenshot of the desktop and all other open windows.
You can also record all the graphics contained in your documents, set automatic periodic recordings and create customized events that you can trigger by an external device.
All the recorded videos are saved as MPEG-4 file format and you can even save a segment of a recorded file without re-recording the whole thing.
Speaking of which, have you ever wanted to extract a portion of a recorded file in a single frame?
This application will do it for you.
Are you looking for a reliable computer program for recording and displaying your screen?
Screen Recorder is a free easy-to-use screen recording utility with many functions.
Key features of this program include :
�■ Ability to capture and save the screenshot of the desktop and all the open windows
�■ Recording of all the graphics contained in your documents
�■ Ability to automatically record every x minutes
�■ Ability to automatically open a video window for recording a file from the clipboard
�■ Recording of any document via right click or using the keyboard
�■ The ability to save a segment of a recorded file
�■ Display and play the recorded videos as a slideshow
�■ Display and play the recorded videos in a webpage
�■ Ability to record audio if present in the file.
�■ Ability to pass clipboard data to Screen Recorder from other programs
�■ Ability to pass clipboard data from Screen Recorder to other programs
�■ Ability to run Screen Recorder in a window and control it from other programs
�■ Ability to play back the recorded screen with a single click
�■ Ability to pause the recording of any video clip or audio clip
�■ Ability to reverse the playback of the recorded screen
�■ Ability to export the recorded screen in several formats
�■ Ability to set Screen Recorder to autostart upon system startup
�■ Ability to resume any paused screen recording
�■ Ability to delete recorded clips without affecting the recorded file

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The software is completely free and its main function is to extract the keywords from the text and Web pages.

In order to do that it uses proprietary algorithms which are simply read from the files and process them.

RSS Feeder is a tool for viewing and creating RSS feeds from multiple sites. It can scrap RSS feeds from multiple news sources on the internet and create or edit them. It’s a great way to automatically convert and manage your news articles from your favorite online sources. This is an addon to RSSManager.

WordRSS lets you grab web pages and convert them into RSS feeds. You can use it to convert many news sites, and then subscribe to them from within RSSManger. It can also display you RSS feeds from your favorite RSS aggregators. Additionally, you can download RSS feeds to your desktop and view them from within RSSManger, just as you can with any RSS feed.

It’s not hard to use WordRSS as it is very intuitive and only requires a few clicks. It supports various browsers and can convert different news articles.


Just by using WordRSS you’ll never have to read and scan through hundreds of news articles and web pages again.

Key Search Pages is simple, all you need to do is browse to the site you want to extract RSS feeds from and tell Key Search Pages to start extracting. Once you have chosen your sources, you’ll be presented with some great looking data.

Key Search Pages can grab up to 50 news sources at once. It has the ability to extract RSS feeds from all of your favorite sites, and it can automatically search for and collect RSS feeds from these sites. It has the ability to scan and index a web page and extract its data.

Key Search Pages can export results to CSV and plain text formats. It can extract RSS feeds from pages, videos, image galleries, and more. You can edit the feed titles, URLs, description, and more. RSS feeds can be created from any of these sources, as well as scanned for new RSS feeds.

Pages to RSS is a lightweight Windows application that converts pages into RSS feeds. It includes a neat tool which lets you subscribe to multiple RSS feeds in your browser, without having to open each RSS feed in a separate window.

Pages to RSS is a very simple tool, which requires no setup and even less configuration. The biggest drawback is that it doesn’t support multiple RSS feeds which may be a

Spark 2.9.0 Crack

If you are carrying out a search on the Internet, it can be hard to keep on top of all the various results, especially if you are searching for tips and tricks on an obscure topic. You can avoid unpleasant surprises by keeping an eye on your various results. The Spark plugin for your Mozilla Firefox browser works directly with a nice GUI that allows you to view all the results and search results from the tool.
The Spark web browser will display various links from your history of pages visited from the moment you click the plugin. In addition, it’ll keep track of the searches you conduct from different sites like Google, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia.
More features
This plugin works with the most recent versions of the Mozilla Firefox web browser, so you can use it alongside your regular browser.
The plugin is very simple to use and allows you to:
• Keep an eye on your results using an animated graphical map,
• Build a history of searched results from several different sources,
• Manage search shortcuts through an interface,
• Use highlighting to highlight search results that you do not want to keep,
• Print search results.
Intuitive results display
One of the good things about the Spark plugin is that it always draws a nice animated map of the search results. You can zoom on your results and rearrange them by placing them at the top of the list. You can also create groups and easily remove groups you do not wish to see on the map.
You can even add your own search results by dragging them to the list of entries that can be displayed on the map.
Manage searches
You can find your searched results within the plugin by adding these links to your favorites so you can view them in a much easier way. You can also set a keyword that will automatically be used as the search query when you visit a new website.
Print searches
The Spark web browser plugin will manage to get rid of the search page in your web browser after you’ve printed a certain amount of searches. You can also create a shortcut for the program.


You will notice the convenience and ease of use of the search bar that you can locate on the toolbar of your browser. There is no need to include a new toolbar item to see your search results. This tool also saves you from having to search the web, and the results appear in the toolbar at a glance.


The plugin will give you constant

What’s New In?

The first version of VBRecent, it’s for the developers who is using Visual basic and uses Windows Forms applications. This plugin is very useful, because you can easily modify, save, load and even search for recently used files and folders which can be helpful when programming your applications.
The main features of the plugin,
It contains the below features:
– Add recently opened files and folders and easily filter them
– Load recently open files and folders
– Search for recently open files and folders and easily filter them
– Save recently open files and folders and easily filter them
– Load recently loaded files and folders
– Search for recently loaded files and folders and easily filter them
– Load recently used elements and quickly save them
– Find files and folders which you frequently use in your recent files and folders

Tip 1: Do not forget to restart the computer once you have installed the plugin.

Tip 2: If you do not see the small icon in the bottom right corner, you must add the “VBRecent.exe” file to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Activation\VBRecent.exe” folder.
Tip 3: You must add the “VBRecent.dll” file to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\VBRecent” folder.
Tip 4: Finally, you must add the folder containing the “VBRecent.dll” file in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\VBRecent” folder.
VBRecent is easy to use, is very helpful for the developers who is using Visual basic applications. If you are a developer and using VB, this plugin is a must have tool for you, it can make your life easier.
MorpheusFileManager is an application that makes it easy to find and easily back up large amounts of files and folders.
Each folder is allowed to contain five sub-folders, wherein it is possible to store files.
The program is a Windows 8 app developed by an independent designer, and it proves to be a stable program, since it has been updated less than a month ago.
Morpheus File Manager has three main features that you will surely enjoy:
– List the files
– Open folder
– Create folder

Using a built-in editor, you can quickly open, create, edit and save files, whether it is an archive, a music file, a

System Requirements:

Supported: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8
Approximate Drive Space: 1 GB
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP / Core 2 Duo / Core i3 / Core i5
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: DX 10 compliant graphic card
Processor: Intel Core i7 / AMD Athlon x4
Memory: 6 GB
Version 1

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