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If you are making a living out of trading, then you are aware of the importance of your workspace, especially since it has an impact on your productivity and focus. Unless you are a seasoned trader, chances are that you are not too keen on working with three or more monitors at the same time to gather your data for making wise investments and selling.
Simple C# 1Brocker API Program is an application developed to help you monitor your Commodity, Forex, Index or Crypto transactions from your 1Brocker account easily from one location.
Enables you to manage your 1Brocker account better   
First off, you should know that the application requires you have an account on 1Brocker, as this is the location where you can get the API necessary to activate the program. In case you do not have an account yet, then you should rest assured, signing up is a simple and straightforward process.
Once you copy the API key in the dedicated field, you can activate the utility and you are ready to view your current open orders or create new ones. You can create a new order by specifying the market, symbol, leverage, margin and optionally, the stop loss and take profit values. The app allows you to preview whether the new orders has been created and informs you of potential errors from the status window.
Could use a color-coded interface
In spite of the fact that the application makes it easy to follow orders and start new ones, it could use a better GUI that enables users to view any modifications that occur in the market at a glance. Ideally, it would be nice if the app included color codes that can be customized according to your work style and preferences.
A further reason the UI could use more work comes from the balance display. For the time being, you can view your balance as a blend line in the Order Execution Panel. Unfortunately, the design does not help when you are focused on placing bids or orders and there is a chance you can miss out on significant deals just because you did not notice you have insufficient funds.
A handy tool for anyone doing market transactions
Even though it includes a rugged and minimalistic interface, the app spares you the trouble of working with multiple monitors and simplifying your market watching task.







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What’s New In Simple C 1Brocker API Program?

System Requirements For Simple C 1Brocker API Program:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Mac OS X 10.6.x
Mac OS X 10.7.x
Linux: Ubuntu 8.04
Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x, Opera 10.6 or above, Chrome, Safari
You can access the game on the following platforms:
PC – Windows XP
PC – Windows Vista
Mac – OS X 10.6.x
Mac – OS X 10.7.x
Linux – Ubuntu 8.04
NOTE: If your system

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