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Shrink Pic X64 (2022)

It is a image compressor and converter which comes with a whole range of features and options. ShrinkPic compresses images one photo at a time into a new version in seconds. With ShrinkPic you do not need to resize images one by one or use heavy software tools to compress and convert images. Compress and resize photos in batches, preview new versions of each image, and manage your compression settings in the simple interface of ShrinkPic. The batch compression feature of ShrinkPic allows you to batch compress several files into a new version of each one in seconds. Compress images to JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP formats. As an add-on to ShrinkPic, you can use ShrinkPic Enhance to create high quality images. Use ShrinkPic Optimizer to preview new versions of every image. Send images to Facebook, Twitter, MMS, Email or upload them to your web server and image hosts. ShrinkPic is a program that enables you to compress a batch of images using compression settings you determine to save space on your local drive, your online drives, and to use less bandwidth when transferring the images from your computer to your friends, family, and other computers. ShrinkPic is an award-winning application and one of the best-loved free image compression utilities. It’s easy to use and can help you save time and money. Compresses and saves original photos to JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP formats (with optional converting into JPEG). Provides photo resizing, editing, and a lot more. Compresses one or more photos with a pre-defined compression settings at once (batch processing). ShrinkPic is a free program and does not come with any watermarks or other restrictions of use. Please visit the ShrinkPic Forum for discussions and feedback.
What’s new in this version:
Shrink Pic Crack Free Download
– Batch Compression.
ShrinkPic 2.0.1
– Fixed crash when processing images in a batch using the batch compression option.
ShrinkPic 1.9.9
– Restore ‘Root’ user from other drives.
ShrinkPic 1.9.7
– New setting: Memory setting.
ShrinkPic 1.9.5
– New setting: “Use current directory as Start folder”.
ShrinkPic 1.9.3
– New settings: Default compression settings and Batch compression

Shrink Pic Crack + Registration Code Download [Latest-2022]

The program is rather easy to use, with a file-saving interface that prompts you to set both the input and output quality, the selected compression level and size of the resulting image.
Once you have set all of these parameters, the program starts monitoring all of the activities within the system.
This feature can be useful when you want to Shrink Pic Free Downloadture for your own purposes, say using it as a wallpaper on a web browser.
The picture itself has an icon that you can hit to open or close the preview window. You can resize the image to the target size and also add or remove certain image effects that are included in the selection.
Only in the Save tab, you have the possibility to select one of the four available compression levels or you can opt for custom, which means you can input a ratio between original and resulting size.
If you find yourself repeating a process, simply hit the Save button to add the newly edited picture directly to your list of saved files. There is a FotoCatch applet that can also be used to either detect photos or automatically upload them to picasa Web albums.
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Shrink Pic With Serial Key

The original version of this program was launched in 2002 and since that time, it has earned the trust of many users.

This software works in the background without hindering the users CPU, processing or memory usage at all. It performs its task by analyzing all the current activity of the system, especially activities related to instant messaging, email and picture sending.

The highly configurable interface is based on the same idea but offers much more options. It is easy to use and understands what the user wants or needs to do, by either working with a combination of buttons or through a tree of categories. It offers maximum flexibility and the ability to modify most of its options.
To get started you need to install the software on your computer.

Once the installation is done, the program starts and presents a simple interface. You can choose between basic or advanced features. The program supports a wide range of device that includes Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
You can use this program without registering or installing it, but the free version is not fully functional and does not include all options.

The free version of this program supports English and German languages and offers tools like Internet Explorer and MSN.

The program is free to use for 5 days after a registration.

Finally, the program can save your time and make your life easier. The time spent in sending and recovering the data is cut down in a dramatic way.
It is not only the data that can be saved, but also the quality that is saved thanks to compression.
A program that has been tested and recommended by many.
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What’s New in the?

Shrink Pic is an advanced Windows software solution that can compress sent photos automatically.
Once you launch the program, it monitors computer activity, email clients and instant messengers in particular, and detects whenever the user attempts to send a photo.
Based on pre-defined parameters, the program automatically compresses the picture and thus not only that reduces the overall transfer time, but it also uses less bandwidth.
The key role in this whole process is played by the configuration screen that allows you to play with all available settings.
For example, you can tweak compression level and choose from a total of four different options, high, medium, low and custom. If you go for the last one, you need to input the new resolution and the JPEG quality you wish to get.
The same window is being used to show a preview of the resizing process, but also to show photo compression statistics, such as processes items, total original file size and total compressed file size. Shrink Pic can handle JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF and GIF formats, with a dedicated option to convert all photos to JPG.
The good thing is that Shrink Pic doesn’t hamper system performance at all and quietly runs in the background to take care of every photo you are about to send. Support for more image formats could help however.
All things considered, Shrink Pic is clearly a very helpful product and with a few improvements here and there, it could easily become one of the top apps in this particular software category. Read more

Shrink Pic is a freeware utility designed to automatically shrink large images to sizes that can be sent through email.

The easy to use utility allows you to select the image size, determine the compression level, choose the compression algorithm, and specify the number of processes to use when compressing images.

Along with that, this program helps to protect your privacy by keeping the date/time of your image when is saved, and it also provides a preview before the image is compressed and sent.

The program also has a sidebar image viewer, and a configuration file where you can specify all the options that you want to use.

Shrink Pic is simple to use, and it is free for personal or commercial use. However, it does not work with all images, such as some animated images, image sequences, and RAW files.

Shrink Pic Description:
Shrink Pic is a freeware utility designed to automatically

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5-2310/i7
Memory: 8GB RAM
Processor: Intel i5-2400/i7-2600
Once you finish the tutorial, you will be able to create professional graphics, text and animated images in a matter of minutes.

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