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SF CD-Cover

Simple, professional yet free – a CD Cover you are proud to use.
Here are some of our main features:
– Selects between 1-6 pre-set styles.
– Open, Save as a *.prc. Package
– Format of *.prc. – Menu.Name and.Class
– Open or Save as a *.prc.Package
– Editable.Properties (fonts, colors, text, etc.)
– Import and export from a CD database (200 (hold).prc. /200 (hold)*.prc.)
– Calculate, see your progress, setup menu templates.
– Printing quality control: Print up to 200 pages.
– Adjust grid, light point, parralel lines, margins, margins, etc.
– Set light point from 1 to 40, for dark grey to bright white.
– Set margins from 1 mm to 3,4 mm.
– Support for background (colour, transparency)
– Support for several languages
– Import/Export of layout into/from soft covered folders for iBooks.
– Plus more…

SF CD-Cover Crack For Windows Pro 1.1
CoverPro is a professional-level program for manipulating cover shapes, including many presets. Many features, including:
* 16-color profiles to easily apply a particular style to your CD covers
* Full support for CMYK and RGB color models
* 16-color support for transparency
* Automatic alignment
* Simulated or a real border
* Support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8
* Customize the cover in all aspects – size, color, border, and layout
* Microsoft Word export for sending cover templates to friends who are not tech-savvy
* Print on CD labels in all sizes for you to add to your pre-printed covers
* Create your own layouts using 6 built-in and many user-defined styles
* Support for over 1,000 images (including layouts)
* Adjust grid, light point, parralel lines, margins, margins, etc.
* Calculate, see your progress, setup menu templates
* Support for background (colour, transparency)
* Import/Export of layout into/from soft covered folders for iBooks
* Plus more…

Teknik-Yazılım Vakfı
This is an advanced version of CD-Cover PR (Simple, professional yet free –

SF CD-Cover Crack+

The new SF CD-Cover is a comprehensive program that allows you to design CD Covers and Inlay-Cards. It is a powerful and very easy-to-use application with full instructions. SF CD-Cover is completely different from all the programs that have been used to design CD Covers before.
It is a very fast and powerful application and its features are:

How to add a CD-Cover or Inlay-Card:
A CD-Cover can easily be added by pressing and holding the ‘Add to List’ Button for the CD-Cover you want to add. As for Inlay-Cards, you can add a new one by simply clicking on ‘+’ button for the Inlay-Card you want to add.

How to remove a CD-Cover or Inlay-Card:
To remove a CD-Cover or Inlay-Card, simply press the ‘Remove’ Button. This will remove the specific CD-Cover or Inlay-Card you are editing from your list.

How to edit a CD-Cover or Inlay-Card:
To edit a CD-Cover or Inlay-Card, double-click on the CD-Cover or Inlay-Card in the list.

How to change a CD-Cover or Inlay-Card title:
A CD-Cover title can be changed by simply clicking on the title of the CD-Cover or Inlay-Card you want to edit.

How to move a CD-Cover or Inlay-Card:
To move a CD-Cover or Inlay-Card, simply drag it. When you want to delete a CD-Cover or Inlay-Card, double-click on it.

How to change a CD-Cover’s size:
A CD-Cover can be resized by pressing the ‘Edit Text’ Button and selecting the CD-Cover you want to resize from the pop-up menu. Then, simply select ‘Change Size’ from the pop-up menu to open the new dialog box. From there, you can adjust the width and height of the CD-Cover.

How to change a CD-Cover’s Color:
A CD-Cover can be changed by simply pressing the ‘Edit Text’ Button and selecting the CD-Cover you want to edit from the pop-up menu. Once selected, you have the option to change the background, font, and text color.

How to change a CD-Cover’s

What’s New In SF CD-Cover?

SF CD-Cover is an easy-to-use software tool specially designed for CD-Covers and Inlay-Cards from over 45 different styles and layouts.
Now you can design your CD-Covers yourself! You just need to create your own style using pre-set style and layout settings, and then simply press buttons to create unique covers.
The main features of SF CD-Cover are:
* 45 pre-set styles and layouts, including 2 fly front styles
* Press buttons to create your own style quickly and easily
* Set background and border colors
* Background can be transparent
* Adjust margins and choose colors for window and buttons
* Set border styles
* Embedded Inlay-Cards
* No need for Adobe Photoshop experience.
* Designed with beginners in mind, SF CD-Cover is easy to use.
* It is very easy to use even for non-technical users.

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System Requirements For SF CD-Cover:

Graphics Card
Intel Core i3-380M @ 2.50 GHz
3.9 GHz
25 GB free HDD space
Screen Resolution
Input Devices
Software Requirements:
Installed Applications:
Price: $39.99


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