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And as sales expert Grant Cardone explains, knowing the principles of selling is essential to success of any kind. In Sell or Be Sold, Cardone breaks down. Why? Because, in his opinion, he spent a fortune on learning a manual for sellers, and not on selling himself. For example, why don’t 10% have a prestigious job? Because they don’t know how to sell at all, or because they don’t have the skills needed to be successful in sales. He quotes Richard Thomas: “If you get into trouble, you can’t count on a computer to help you. You have to learn how to sell yourself.” And, moreover, no one knows what to do with it, except for the seller. Only he. Only. “Attribute every action to emotions, and action to emotions. You will get more for the positive side than for the negative side. Negative emotions help, and positive emotions negate the results.” Mining has already gone bankrupt, right?

The theory that will bring you money:
The kid sells you mountains of sand on which you can build your city.
Sell ​​it all to me.
– But I can not.

Be prepared to sell what you know.
If you own a stone, what are you trading?
“I sell you my soul.
You have never bought anyone.
I –
Ilya Brazhnik
Be smart. And don’t start your day without reading the last page of this book.
If you asked me what I want more, pleasure or money, I would choose money. In both cases, I have good opportunities to implement them.
Hence the conclusion:
learn to be smart first.
Imagine life in the form of a pyramid known to all of us.Each of its tiers occupies a certain position that we occupy in life in relation to other tiers.
The first place in this pyramid is occupied by parents.
I’m lucky. I was loved. I was happy. I have lived an interesting, full life. I grew and grew and finally grew. I got an education, got an interesting job. I built a house where you can live alone, although you can live with a family. I rented a dacha in



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