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When it comes to your own personal safety, operating a computer for extended periods of time can most likely cause unwanted damage to your eyes, as well as other aspects of your health. Employing a well-structured break schedule is the go-to if you wish to protect your eyes and keep them well-functioning in the long run. Screetime will offer you the means of merging work with breaks, as well as protecting your eyes, as well as achieving increased productivity.
Tabbed interface, which although quite basic, allows for an easy customization
Users will be presented with a truly basic interface, which offers a tabbed layout, which holds all the features in an accessible way. The main timer can be easily set, a preferred user name added, and the app even displays whatever messages you prefer.
Accessing the settings, as well as the provided time records is done using the same tabs, and although the interface is resizable, it would have been nice to come prepared with a dedicated, minimized, or docked mode, especially since it’s a Pomodoro app.
Select one of the three work modes, and preview your average screen time, for a more in-depth look into your work hours
By far, the highlights of this Pro version of the app, which are not present in the standard, free version, are the fact that it offers three specialized work modes, as well as a handy average screen time calculator. As for the Plus edition, it comes with an improved layout, a voice assistant and a distraction index feature.
This way, users will be able to choose from “Normal”, “Student” or “Kids” modes, and also preview the average screen time in the dedicated records tab. Although not a massive improvement over the free version, these facilities offer a certain degree of flexibility.
Average break scheduler app, which offers decent performance, but lacks aesthetics in the design department
Give this Pomodoro timer software a try, if you wish to keep your eyes safe and increase your work productivity simultaneously.


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Screetime Pro Plus Crack

Screetime Pro Plus


Screetime Pro Plus Crack + Serial Key

What’s New In?

Stay off of your computer for a set amount of time each day. You can work or study but you will be prompted to take a break at a specific interval. After your set amount of time is up, you can log back in.
The Pomodoro Timer is a simple, time-based break application that encourages a healthy and appropriate work/rest cycle. It tells you when to stop for a break, and keeps track of your total break time.

Absolutely, I love this app. It is a fantastic way to keep your focus at work, but not get burnt out. When you're done for the day you just select the due time that your break time is. The best part is that you are encouraged to study or exercise during your breaks. They recommend to 30 mins a day for each but a good idea is to start small and work your way up.


Fantastic Timer App to help you maintain a healthy work life balance

I have been using this app for about 6 months now and really enjoy it. I use it when I have several tasks to complete (for example a lot of emails to send) and it does a great job of keeping me on top of my work. I have also used it during my lunch hour when I'm wanting to do some project work and find it really helps me to achieve the balance between work and rest. I find it amazing that it tracks how long you've been working and when you've been inactive – I'm sure some employers will love that! It's good to hear that it tracks when you're at home and at work too – so you have an idea of when you're working and when you're resting!

This review is the subjective opinion of a PhoneDog contributor and not of PhoneDog itself.


Allows you to set a break time and know how much time has passed

Allows you to work during breaks

Highly customizable


App is a little cumbersome


Personally I really like it, and it's definitely worth the monthly charge. It's a great app that is very easy to use.

Pick this up if you want to break up your day into set blocks and then work in the blocks, and then take a break.

Totally agree with others that the forced notifications make it seem less than it is. I had to pay for the pro version to have them completely disabled.


It Just Does Not Work

I downloaded this and the developer said it is more work to make it compatible with Android

System Requirements For Screetime Pro Plus:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit)
2 GHz or faster processor
4 GB RAM (8 GB for extra hard-to-use features)
Graphics card with 128 MB of VRAM
DirectX 11
1366×768 screen resolution or higher
6 GB available hard drive space
PCs with older or lower specifications may experience some minor or major issues that could cause the game to crash or hang.
Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later, including macOS

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