Scientific Calculator Pro 1.0.11 Crack Free Download [Win/Mac]

Scientific Calculator Pro comes bundled with advanced math functions that can be used by students and teachers alike.
It's a Metro app compatible with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 computers, including touch-supported devices, thanks to the fact that its buttons can be tapped.
Modern UI scientific calc for touch-supported devices
Since the advanced calculator is trusted by Microsoft, it can be downloaded and installed from the Windows Store with minimum effort. Afterward, it can be pinned to your Start Screen or Menu for quick access.
The Modern UI has a dark theme and colorful buttons. You can either click the buttons or press the corresponding keys on your keyboard to send commands to the calc app. It doesn't have support for showing full expressions.
Explore the range of math functions and operators
On the other hand, you can use memory functions, find out the reciprocal, square root and factorial of a number, as well as calculate sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arccosine and arctangent.
Furthermore, Scientific Calculator Pro supports percent, regular and natural logarithm functions, the π (pi) and e constants, randomize numbers, and so on.
Check out the legend of hotkeys and change the interface style
A legend is displayed on the left to show you what keys you can press to call various functions, such as P for percent, D for square, R for square root, or F for factorial.
To change the UI theme, right-click somewhere on the window to show a menu on the bottom of the window and toggle the classic, metal or wood style for the science calculator. Also, you can take a screenshot and share the photo using another one of your installed Modern UI apps.
Good-looking and multifunctional calculator
All things considered, Scientific Calculator Pro is packed in an elegant interface and features advanced math operators and functions for users who prefer the Metro style.







Scientific Calculator Pro 1.0.11 Crack + Download (Latest)

The calculator has been designed for Windows 8 with the black-themed interface. You can customize your home page from the start of the science calculator by dragging the icon of your choice to the location you want it on the Start Screen.
calculator has advanced math functions that support the calculator application.
Integrate an industry-standard scientific calculator into your applications.
High-quality results are provided right away and can be converted into Unicode format by hitting the “Enter” button.
calculator can be customized so that it displays completely, or can be configured to provide a small display
The Science Calculator features:
Advanced math functions
scientific calculator convert.
Real-time update of results.
Convert numbers to decimal or binary, expo, log, sine, cosine, ratio, quadratic formula.
Find the complex root and complex root of a number.
factorial and a million.
Convert from decimal to fraction, and vice versa.
Interval, point-wise derivatives.
square, cube, cube root, factorial and root of a number.
Detail information of unary operators, binary operators, arithmetic operations.
Convert numbers into trigonometric functions, degrees and radians.
Sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arccosine and arctangent.
Exponential, natural logarithm and logarithm base and its laws.
Extract of pi.
Percent, radical, polynomial with constant.
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
Number type (single, double and quadruple precision).
Gamma function, gamma functions, digamma function, polygamma function and the derivative of digamma function.
routine, psi, phi function.
gcd, lcm.
The settings are updated automatically, and can be changed by the user.
Change the size of the screen for your own convenience.
The keybinding (long press) has been updated to support Windows 8.
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are supported as well.
The Science Calculator is a Microsoft Project Maths application, which supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
app from the Windows Store.
Change the settings by right-clicking on the screen.
Use a transparent background.
Screenshot of the app can be saved.
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Scientific Calculator Pro 1.0.11 Crack + With Product Key

Major new features of the calculator include:

• Supports Windows 8.1!
• Fast & configurable! Scientific Calculator Pro supports all Windows 8 devices including touch-capable tablets, touch-enabled devices and more.
• Calculate memory functions, derivates, logarithms, powers, roots, and more!
• Customize calculations as much as you want! Scientific Calculator Pro allows you to define and save custom shortcuts.
• It’s the first professional scientific calculator with touch support! Now you can use Windows 8.1/8/8. Get the best of both worlds with Scientific Calculator Pro.
• A separate calculator app makes scientific computation a breeze! You can run the calculator app as a Metro-style app, and it can be pinned to the Start Screen or Start Menu for fast access.
• Switch between 3 UI styles. Science Calculator Pro currently supports 2 UI styles: classic or metal.
• Present calculations in a beautiful and futuristic layout!
• Most powerful math functions including:
POW (Power), ROOT (Square root), LN (Logarithm), DEV (Derivative), COS (Cosine), SIN (Sine), ARCSIN (Arc sine), ARCCOS (Arc cosine), ARCTAN (Arctangent)
• Includes 256 math functions, including 16 symbolic constants, and other handy math functions.
• Supports Windows 8.1/8/8.
• Fast, accurate & configurable! The new calculator includes a master clock that enables you to preset calculation times and a clock-specific mode.
• Includes an experiment mode that lets you generate random values.
• “SET CANDLE” option lets you define your favorite color to be used for all calculations.
• Double-tap on the screen to start a calculation!
• Don’t like the defaults? You can change the appearance of the UI and the functionality of the UI.
• Made to run on a single desktop, stand-alone, and does not need any other app to function.
• Use your own units (eg. m, cm, mm) or choose the default SI units (eg. m, cm, mm).
• Scientific Calculator Pro can be downloaded from the Windows Store.
• Tap to increase or decrease the brightness of the display,
• A tutorial is included with different modes of scientific calculators for beginners.
• Access the calculator from other Windows 8.1

Scientific Calculator Pro 1.0.11 Activator

A) Scientific Calculator Pro Version 1.0.2
B) Mathworking Calculator 4.1
C) Volume Control for PC(Unlimted)
D) Volume Control for PC(Unlimted)

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What’s New In Scientific Calculator Pro?

Calculate anything and everything faster with scientific calculator and mathematical functions.
Key Features:
5 types of add/ subtract/ multiply/ divide operations
Multiple user inputs as variables
5 types of basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Full screen mode for entering and viewing variables and constants
Accurate results
Converter for currency, temperature, volume and speed
Variable memory functions
7 types of functions including sine, cosine, inverse tangent, and arctan
What’s New:
This version brings faster calculation time and more advanced functions like scientific roots, ratios, factorials, exponents and more.
What’s New In This Version:
In this version, we have added more fun to this app by bringing in some new UI/UX changes and also improved the speed of the application.

Key Features of Scientific Calculator Pro:

Scientific Calculator Pro is easy to use, quick and powerful. This app is made to perform precision calculations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers.

There are 5 types of operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

You can perform scientific operations and find out the value of the most basic constants. You can also convert all unit of measurement.

You can also convert currency using scientific calculator. It supports 93 different currency symbols. You can even convert temperature.

It has 60 different users settings that let you configure your own settings. You can select the language of your choice.

What’s New in Version 2.5:

This is the one of the best math calculator on market, recently we updated it. The old version is not compatible with all the windows os and devices. Now there is a new version available from the store which is more secure and faster. You should update it.

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“Choose scientific calculator” is an easy to use, quick and powerful math calculator with simple operations. Unlike many other math app, you will be able to use scientific calculator with great ease. Its large buttons are well placed and easy to press. It has a nice color schema and comes with various functions which are many.

Scientific Calculator Pro is designed to be a compact, functional math calculator. Its user interface is

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