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Granted, nowadays, high-speed Internet service is a must for many computer users, particularly if their work entails sending emails, communicating in real-time with associates or potential clients or following various leads. Despite the fact that it is widely considered obsolete, the dial-up connection comes with a few benefits, including portable access from any location with a phone line and low cost.
Regardless of the reasons why you opted for a dial-up type of connection, there is a chance that you want to manage it more efficiently and make the most of it. Quartz is a tool designed to lend you a hand with dials, redials as well as connects and disconnects.
As you probably hinted, the tool permits you to automatically disconnect and connect at specific interval, when you are likely to need to use the Internet. Moreover, you can generate HTTP traffic to up to 5 websites, so you avert disconnects due to idling.
A further noteworthy feature is that the tool lets you enter a FQDN instead of a changing IP address, so there is no confusion regarding the connection. As you would expect, if you operate with NO-IP, DynDNS or DtDNS accounts, then the application ensures that the URL is updated automatically.







Quartz Activation Key

Quartz Activation Code is designed to let you make your calls using just a dial, instead of your finger. With it, you don’t have to worry about repeatedly connecting and disconnecting the Internet connection, and thus you can use your time wisely. You can program the connection duration as well, to finish in a timely manner, without being distracted by time-consuming tasks.
It is important to understand that this interface (with thanks to its dialog-based setup, you can easily configure it for your needs, and configure the types of calls, programs, connect time and more.) is designed to work on a PC, it doesn’t have a smartphone app. However, you can use it with just a dial and you can even use it to make outgoing calls – and that is something that many people like to do when they want to avoid their cell phone bills.
Quartz provides a few useful and helpful features, including:
Dialer – This tool lets you make calls by using a dial, instead of your cell or landline phone.
Report – This feature allows you to make reports to other services, such as DynDNS, DtDNS, or No-IP.
Settings – This feature allows you to easily configure the types of calls you want to make, such as: Single dial, Multiple dials, Real-time connect, No-wait connect, etc.
You can make video calls as well, and this tool doesn’t let you use a mobile connection, so you don’t have to worry about the connection being broken, only the device you are using.
And the best part of this application is that it will connect, dial and disconnect automatically, without your interference, so you don’t have to worry about manually doing that, or setting up your computer to do it.
You can also take advantage of it to make outgoing calls and to make sure that your connection isn’t being dropped, since it lets you make a certain amount of HTTP traffic to a given URL, regardless of your Internet connection speed.
If you want to use this tool, then you will be pleased to learn that it has a useful tutorial to help you with all the steps, and that you can get it for free.

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DialupExchange TimeoutControl
Tool to Exchange a Dial-up Connection

DialupExchange TimeoutControl is a small tool to connect and disconnect a dial-up
connection to the internet when you are done accessing the internet.


Configures up to 5 different websites to be
accessed through a dial-up connection
Automatic reconnects to any valid internet address
Connects to a dial-up connection when you are done accessing the internet
Configures the interval between your connection attempts
Automatic reconnection to a valid internet address even when that address is down
The program has options to automatically disconnect, disconnect and then reconnect when the internet connection is available, or just let it continue if the connection
Is still active and not free.

How to Use:

Click on the program icon and then on the small New button in the lower left corner of the window. A new dialog box will appear. Enter in “DialupExchange TimeoutControl” as the name of the new project. Enter your email address and the connection you would like to manage. Then type in the IP address of your dial-up connection.

You can then enter the URL of the site you wish to browse and the port you wish to connect to. You can also enter the time you wish to wait for the connection to become free. This interval can be changed later in the program. For more information, read the Help file which will appear as you use the program.

To run the program, click on the Start button in the lower right of the window. It will then wait for connection and once the connection is established, it will switch on a small icon with a pause sign in the lower right corner of the window. The program will also continue to run in the system tray so you can check if it is inactive or if there is any connection problem.

Every time you attempt to access a website that requires an active connection, Quartz will first pause for some seconds to wait for a connection. It will then test if a connection is active or free, and if the answer is “No” it will wait before making another connection attempt.

If the connection is free, it will make an attempt and immediately report whether a connection was made and a URL was received. If any connection problems were encountered, you will see that there is a delay before the program tries again.

If the connection is still active, and it was not previously free

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What’s New in the?

Dial-up connections don’t deserve such a bad reputation, actually. As we have all come to know, they have numerous benefits, including easily available access. Fortunately, there is another way to achieve the aforementioned benefits.
Get Quartz:

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System Requirements For Quartz:

OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: 2.0Ghz Dual Core
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: 1GB VRAM
Hard Drive: 8GB
Monitor: 1024×768 at 60Hz
Processor: 3.0Ghz Quad Core
Memory: 4GB RAM
Monitor: 1920×1200 at 60Hz
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