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in the game, the exact same things happen that the highly-rated pick-up-lines blog would lead you to believe. there are lots of tits, asses, and female prostitutes wearing skirts, and the world of college football is full of massive sexual athletes with extremely large penises (though probably not as large as they pretend to be, since they’re constrained by their football pants and long underwear).

3) i don’t buy it. it feels completely invented. it starts out with these banal, primitive, tribal/hunter-gatherer people..i dunno, a tribe of guys in loincloths maybe.then immediately they start playing football. it’s like you’re watching an overly-optimistic documentary.

the content is basically excellent. there is a little bit of everything. it’s as if someone transplanted an entire culture to the modern world, gave them iphones, and had the iphone sweep everything out of their pockets. they’d still be a bizarro mixture of what the world is, but it’d be very interesting.

with people like ian malcolm or richard dawkins, i’d buy it right away.
with people like me or you, i’d have to have it explained to me in bits and pieces, very slowly, chapter by chapter, while i had a beer and a cigarette.
if youre actually interested in anthropology or sociology, i’d suggest you should take a crack at it. there’s a lot of value there.

i’m not expecting it to be the best-written story ever, but it would be interesting to get past a few of the weird inconsistencies in people’s self-assessments, both in being a dork or a baller, and in their views on pretty much anything.


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