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PowerGadgets application is a data visualization, reporting, and monitoring product that utilizes Windows PowerShell, Microsoft’s new scripting shell, to allow the creation of Gadgets in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server “Longhorn”.
PowerGadgets requires no complex development environments, servers, or browsers to run real-time, enterprise based Gadgets such as charts, gauges, and maps on your Windows desktop or in the Windows Vista sidebar.









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PowerGadgets is a Windows based web application to create, deploy, and execute “Powershell Gadgets” to display and interpret data.
PowerGadgets allows you to select the type of data to be displayed and also allows you to select the way the data is displayed. So you can view data in text, charts, gauges or maps.
The current version of PowerGadgets has the following features and abilities:
– Graphing
– Gauges
– Charts
– Widgets
– Excel Reports
– Maps
– Custom Gadgets
If you’re not sure whether you are looking for an application to display charts on your desktop, to create gauges or widgets, to generate Excel reports or just view your data in a custom manner, PowerGadgets is probably a program you’ll find to be of great use.

Microsoft MSDN Redirector – This utility helps you access MSDN documentation directly from MSDN redirector.msdn.com.

Microsoft MSN PowerGadgets – Microsoft MSN PowerGadgets is a simple Windows desktop Gadgets manager that is useful to view and check on your Gadgets. It is useful in the sense that you can view all the Gadgets installed on your computer and check the history of your Gadgets changes.
Microsoft MSN PowerGadgets can be downloaded from the MSN Web Server.

Microsoft MSN Virtual Gadgets – Microsoft Virtual Gadgets is a set of Windows Gadgets that allows you to display your Gadgets on your desktop. It is useful in the sense that you can check the status of your Gadgets and help you with your Gadgets and it is a simple, clean and user friendly utility.
Microsoft Virtual Gadgets can be downloaded from the MSN Web Server.

Microsoft Powershell Gadgets Project – The “Powershell Gadgets Project” is a collaboration between Microsoft, Microsoft Research, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to create a standard mechanism for small applications to be used as Gadgets on Windows. It includes a set of reusable code for small applications, a set of Gadgets that can be re-used in those applications, a set of UI tools and a Gadgets developer framework.

PowerMole – The PowerMole program helps to achieve maximum efficiency in power usage and cost minimization in a data center environment. The software supports cost minimization, energy efficiency, and power usage, and can help to identify

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PowerGadgets provides a simple way to visualize data in a way that is easy to understand.
PowerGadgets automates the routine tasks of creating, manipulating and sharing dynamic dashboards.

PowerGadgets is currently written in C# and released as open source under the GPL, and can be extended to use any.NET data source such as an XML document, an access database, or a spreadsheet.

Gadget creation
PowerGadgets has the capability of creating a handful of different charts and gauges such as line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and gauges to measure data such as temperature, memory usage, disk space, CPU usage, disk read and write speeds, and many others. Gadgets are standalone applications that can be saved to your desktop or exported to the windows sidebar.

PowerGadgets Gadgets are based on a data source provided in XML or CSV format. Gadgets can be configured to send reports and charts at a set interval, to a SQL database, or even to an email address at the click of a button.

PowerGadgets is the first open source product that supports full WIDGETS HTML integration. WIDGETS can be created and customized in PowerGadgets, and uploaded directly into the Windows Sidebar.

PowerGadgets will come in two editions, 32-bit and 64-bit for Windows XP (x86), Windows Vista (x86 and x64), Windows Server 2003 (x86 and x64), and Windows Server “Longhorn” (x86 and x64).


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PowerGadgets Main Page
PowerGadgets Source Code Repository
PowerGadgets Wiki

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PowerGadgets have been designed to help IT organizations bring their Windows environment to another level. The
application can be used on XP, Vista, and Server
2003. It comes with a web-based
client, a client for Windows desktop, a proxy
client for Linux and Unix, a remote desktop
client for Linux and Unix, a native client for
Linux and Unix, a console client for Linux
and Unix, a client for Windows, and a
client for Windows Server “Longhorn”.
The user interface of PowerGadgets is a design
pattern, progressive enhancement style, where
controls, function buttons, and toolbars appear
as required by the users. There are no menus.
There is no information hierarchy. Instead, the
Gadgets work like interactive web pages.
PowerGadgets is one of the best open source
command line graphing and reporting tools
available for Microsoft Windows environments.
PowerGadgets allows you to make your own
charts, gauges, and tables. It may make sense
to use this package if you’re looking for a
solution with the following capabilities:
* Easy to learn, use, and customize
* Interactive graphing
* Graphical reports
* Graphical dashboards
* Real-time data visualization
* Complete automation
This is a huge package, and for Linux and
Unix users, an even bigger beast is available
on SourceForge.net. The open source
PowerGadgets package is based on the
multithreaded C++ platform, as the Windows
PowerGadgets package is. The Linux version
of PowerGadgets supports a fairly complete
set of Linux environment variables. The
Unix version is based on a shared library
using the popular DLL approach. The
PowerGadgets command line management
interface provides access to almost all the
features of the entire application.
PowerGadgets Features:
* Map themes using SVG
* Define your own charts and gauges
* Use the mouse or any remote method
to create charts, gauges, and tables
* Use the mouse or any remote method
to add data to charts, gauges, and tables
* See charts, gauges, and tables
in real time
* Reports using XPS
* Save the current chart, gauge, or table
to a file
* Display the current chart, gauge, or
table on multiple monitors

What’s New in the PowerGadgets?

PowerGadgets is a data visualization, reporting and monitoring product that utilizes Windows PowerShell, Microsoft’s new scripting shell, to allow the creation of Gadgets in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server “Longhorn”.
PowerGadgets requires no complex development environments, servers, or browsers to run real-time, enterprise based Gadgets such as charts, gauges, and maps on your Windows desktop or in the Windows Vista sidebar. Its a complete data visualization & reporting environment that utilizes Windows PowerShell to bring you this exciting new functionality in your Windows desktop.
Gadgets represent the next generation of Gadgets.
They offer a better way to display information – and they can even connect directly to other technologies like COM, Java, and ActiveX. Not only that, they run in the background without putting your system at risk, and allow more tasks to be done on the same machine without consuming too many resources.
PowerGadgets is the first public release of Windows PowerShell.
Installing PowerGadgets:
The product is a self-contained Windows application that needs no installation beyond a reboot. All it requires is the Windows installer (.msi).
Once installed, you will see a small icon that looks like a paper clip on your desktop. Clicking on this icon will display a panel that will automatically open and it will reveal an instruction screen to begin using the PowerGadgets application.
Setting Up PowerGadgets:
As you create your first PowerGadget, you will be prompted for your email address and PowerGadgets will send an activation link to this email. Once you click the link to activate your account, you will be given an eight-digit key that is to be used in place of the password you entered. This key is stored securely in your Windows credential store to prevent unauthorized access.
From your desktop, you can create a new PowerGadget by dragging your mouse to the top of your screen and dropping it on the empty area near the clock.
Adding data to a PowerGadget:
In a PowerGadget, there are four sections to add data.
The first is the Information window, on the far left of the page (the section with the pen). This window displays the data being graphed.
The middle is the Data area. This is where the data being graphed resides and in which the first data source can be added.
The far right section is the Graph section. This is

System Requirements:

– 2GB of RAM recommended
– 6GB available hard drive space (Recommended hard drive space is 20GB)
– Internet connection is required to play
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