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MTMineR is a Java utility that enables mining of text on the basis of n-grams (shortest sequences of words).
The application can be used in order to analyze large text files, and it can be used with both the Linux and Windows operating systems.
The software is open-source, which means that it can be installed with ease. To analyze text, you have to open your file, paste it, or simply drag and drop your file to the application.
MTMineR has a portable file format, and it can be run without installing anything. This means that your text can be processed without any issues and you will only need to type the location of your files.
Other than that, the n-grams frequency count can be obtained. On top of that, the co-occurrence frequencies can be analyzed, and word frequency distribution can be evaluated as well.
Furthermore, you might be interested in the fact that sentences’ lengths can be reported, and you may want to explore the various parenthesis and backslash-powered replacement options the piece of software offers.
After analyzing your text, various tasks can be applied to the results, such as translations and replacements, and the text processing can be recorded in various formats.
MTMineR Key Features:
• Language Support: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese
• Fuzzy Word Count (Slang)
• English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese
• Full-text Searching (ASCII, Unicode)
• N-gram Frequency Count
• Tagger Mapping
• Full-text Searching (ASCII, Unicode)
• sentence-length Distribution
• Sentence-frequency Distribution
• Selection/Replacement with Regular Expressions (Parenthesis, Backslash)
• Replacement with Regular Expressions (Allowed Expressions)
• String Substitution (ASCII, Unicode)
• Word-frequencies (Co-occurrence)
• Words/Char-frequencies (Co-occurrence)
• Word-frequencies (N-gram)
• Dictionary Lookup
• Most Common Words
• Document Analyzer
• Export Files in Various Formats
• Google Search with Results
• Display Words That Occur Most in Each Search with / Num Search
• Save Words to Text File
• Built-in Dictionary
• Word Mover’s Distance Algorithm (WMD)
• Spell Check
• Sentence Analysis

MTMineR Free

MTMineR is a Java-based n-gram miner that carries out two important tasks, namely
mining sentences in n-grams and word counts in context.
There are multiple languages supported by the piece of software, including English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.
The application is available in a full-fledged version, and the supported systems are Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Users will find the software to be very user-friendly, as it offers various options for enhancement.
MTMineR Pros:
· Free to use
· Supports multiple languages
· Offers different options and customization options
· Offers n-gram mining
· Allows word counts in context
· Allows phrases mining
· Supports various data formats
MTMineR Cons:
· Limited customization options
· Hard to extract meaningful data
· No support for regular expressions
· Does not offer monolingual mining

Vimwiki is an online editor that allows you to work on a collaborative project with multiple users in real time.
It can assist you to share documents, ideas, screen shots, etc with other people, and it allows you to set up system-wide shortcuts to various tasks.
Alternatively, the online editor has various built-in features that can assist you in editing your content, such as text highlighting, text formatting and highlighting, and text re-arranging, to mention just a few.
While most of these features can be accessed by simply jumping to their respective menus, it is worth mentioning that the software comes with a number of other useful plugins in this regard.
MTMineR Pros:
· Offers spell checking and auto-fix.
· Provides various useful plugins.
· Allows you to visualize data.
· Comes with a number of useful system-wide shortcuts.
· Easy to use.
· Allows importing and exporting of content in various formats.
· Allows working on multi-user project.
· Can offer more than just text editing.
· Offers a multi-lingual support.
· Comes with useful document templates.
· Allows creating new wiki pages.
· Available for both Windows and Mac.
· Provides limited customization options.
· Cannot compare sentences in context.
· Cannot import and export content in a structured way.
· Does not offer database connectivity.
· Cannot interact with other software tools.

Biblioz is an online full-text research tool that is highly suitable for individuals.


MTMineR is an easy-to-use Java application that can perform multiple tasks such as mining text and generating output.
The tool allows you to perform n-gram analysis, which can be done based on various options.
You can carry out various tasks such as extracting sentences from your text, dividing your text into sentences, and highlighting sentences with a specific character.
Other than that, you can quickly produce a summary of your text and even save it to a tab or CSV format.
MTMineR is built based on Java programming language, with the application being compatible with an array of mobile devices.
In addition, the software comes with a user friendly interface.
You can employ the software in various fields including market research, tourism, and education, among others.
MTMineR Key Features:

Allows you to perform various tasks such as mining text, generating output, and importing as well as exporting files.

In addition, you can use MTMineR to extract certain sentences from your text.

Aside from that, the piece of software can handle word lists as well as importing or exporting them.

Once your text is processed, you may want to know that you can use a regular expression in order to find sentences which contain certain keywords.

You can analyze your text sentence by sentence as well.

Apart from that, you may be interested in the fact that you can apply a number of changes to your dictionary’s text-compilation process.

The software can process your text for statistical computing purposes and visualize your output.

Users can view an overview of their text with the help of a summary.

MTMineR Review:

MTMineR was developed by Weglot, a software developer based in Germany, and it was launched in February of 2019.
While the software has been in development since 2017, it was published in 2019, just in time for users to know that their language processing experience can be significantly enhanced.

The software is available for free, and although users will have to download the application as well as the machine language files, they will have to allow some information about their phone’s storage space and available RAM to be used.
A whole life cycle of the software will be 100% free of charge, all you have to do is enter your email address and you will be able to download the software as well as the machine language files.

MTMineR Information:


What’s New in the MTMineR?

MTMineR is a Java-based utility that mines text, accepting various text-mining options, such as n-grams, word position, word frequency, and regular expressions.
MTMineR allows you to inspect text frequency summaries and save them to various formats, such as a tab or a CSV file, so they can be further analyzed.
MTMineR can also be used to mine the frequency of words in context, and offers various parenthesis options as well.

MTMineR Package Includes:

MTMineR 2.0.1

If you like to have a quick look at the application, you are welcome to explore the “demo” tab. And if you want to get a feel of how the software works, you are welcome to investigate the “Examples” tab. As for any of the features MTMineR 2.0.1 offers, you should look into the “Settings” tab, where users will be able to find a lot of different options, in accordance with their needs.

MTMineR Screenshots:

MTMineR Review:

MTMineR is a Java-based software which mines text, with n-grams, word position, word frequency, and regular expressions being the kind of options it offers.

The software has a user-friendly interface which is well-structured, with even beginners feeling comfortable dealing with it.

If you like to see some examples of MTMineR’s capabilities, you are welcome to explore the “Examples” tab. More on this below.

If you want to know what types of options MTMineR can offer, you should look into the “Settings” tab, where you will be able to find detailed information regarding every feature.

MTMineR, which can also be used for statistical analysis, comes at a price of $24.95, which is just the equivalent of $11.29 per month. What’s more, when you install the software on 3 computers, you receive a lifetime license.

MTMineR, which will run smoothly on Microsoft Windows, can be downloaded from the website below.

If you want to know more, users might be interested in knowing that MTMineR is a software that is based on Java, and that its team also works on the R language.

If you want to see some examples of MTM

System Requirements For MTMineR:

Windows 10 – 64 bit
Windows 7 – 64 bit
Mac OS X v10.7.5 or later
4 GB of RAM
3.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or better
Minimum of 2 GB of free hard drive space
Microsoft Silverlight v8.1 with support for HTML5 video
Android device with 2.2 or later version installed
Supported Devices:
iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th Generation
Android 2.2 or later
Windows Phone

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