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Monica tells Beth that Kayce doesnt deserve what hes been put through. Beth wants to know why. Monica responds by saying that Kayce never betrayed her, and that he loves her dearly. She does however worry that Kayce hasnt achieved what she wants for him. She tells Beth that he should come stay with them for a while. Its much better than his living with that awful aunt. Monica senses a change in Beth when she says she hates Aunt Alice. Beth doesnt seem upset by this revelation and tells Monica that she can save her breath. Alice will be around forever. Then she adds that Kayce needs a mother, not Aunt Alice, and tells Monica to go.

The front door opens and Kayce comes in. His wet hair is dripping onto his chest. He notices Beth and is surprised to see her there. She asks if she can introduce him to the people hes always wanted to meet. Kayce is more than a little nervous and hasnt taken his glasses off for a while. He shakes his father s hand and shakes Brannoc s. Then he hesitates as he gets a closer look at Monica. He tells her that hes very happy to meet her but Kayce s not an animal. Monica smiles at his comment. Kayce tells Beth that he found out about the animal incident and promised to get on the right track. Beth reassures him that she only agreed to save his life because hes Aiden s father and the worst kind of Dutton. She reminds him that Aiden also got away from Jack for a while. Eventually, the awkward moment passes and the family begins to bond. Monica suggests they go up to look around the gallery before they meet Kayce s friends. They take their leave. Kratos leaves the house first. Kratos eases his weight down on the railing and turns to face the wilds. The image of Kratos s last stand appears in his mind.


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