MK Drive Access Control Crack Patch With Serial Key For Windows

MK Drive Access Control is a security-related application that allows you to restrict the access to any drive of the computer in order to protect your private data. Since data theft is one of the major concerns of users worldwide, such actions are nothing more than additional and sometimes necessary protection measures.
The application can prove useful for situations when a PC is used by multiple users or if you are afraid that your files might get copied or stolen while you are away from the computer.
A definite plus is that the access to the application's main GUI is password-protected, which means that no one can change the settings unless they know the user-defined key. To strengthen its security even more, no entry is available in the Task Manager, so the process cannot be terminated from there.
As for the usage, simplicity is the main characteristic of MK Drive Access Control. All the available drives are displayed within its main window, along with options for locking and unlocking the access.
Practically, your only task is to press a button and the drive cannot be explored anymore in Windows Explorer. Users who try to open a protected drive gets an error message stating that the operation is cancelled due to imposed restrictions and advising them to contact the system administrator.
Locking down local drives is not the only function of MK Drive Access Control. It is capable of blocking access to the connected USB drives, in the attempt to prevent unauthorized file copying, as well as securing CD/DVD drives, not allowing others to burn discs using your PC.
MK Drive Access Control is a privacy protection instrument that interacts with local or removable drives of all types, aiming to prevent unapproved access to the stored contents.


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MK Drive Access Control With Registration Code For Windows (April-2022)

Cracked MK Drive Access Control With Keygen is a powerful software created to control your computer from the Internet. It will block the computers on the computer and the USB, firewalls using the monitoring settings to protect itself and your computer from online and offline threats. You can set the preferences for access control of the computer, the remote control of the computer, and set the restrictions to the devices such as portable devices, hard disk, the remote computer, and more.

The main advantage of this program is that there is a gatekeeper that will automatically monitor the computer. It takes the computer offline when the computer becomes unauthorized or the connected devices offline. MK Drive Access Control has numerous settings and they can be changed by the users. It has a secure password. The information is not stored in your computer’s settings. It is also very easy to install.

Program Features:

It has the ability to be controlled remotely or allow remote access of other computers.

The machines who are remote access the Internet with special VPN remote programs. The computers also can be disconnected remotely.

It blocks the connection to the Internet to the remote computers, so that they cannot access the Internet.

It can be used as a firewall of the computer.

It makes the computer and all other connected devices follow the settings.

All data will be protected.

It keeps itself updated by the Internet connection.

Control the remote computers who have passwords.

Quickly disconnect and reconnect the computers, the USB, and the remote machines.

It can be monitored easily.

You can create custom rules.

Program Shortcuts:

MK Drive Access Control will also have powerful features that allow you to control many different devices by using the computer.

It can be connected to the computers and devices who have remote access.

It makes the computers offline and disconnected from the Internet automatically when the computers are not used for a certain time.

You can make a custom schedule.

It allows you to take your computer or other devices off-line.

You can also use the computer remotely.

User’s Guide:


The software is free to download. Download it for free.

How to Install:

Download the MK Drive Access Control software to the computer. There is no time limit for the download.

The installation of the software is simple and the instructions are found easily on the website. It is a

MK Drive Access Control Download X64

Application enables you to block access to connected drives or block access to all drives.

It is easy to use application, you just have to:

– Create an account with the system administrator;
– Type in the password which you assigned when the account was created;
– Select the connected drives to block or block access to all drives;
– Press a button and the operation will be performed immediately

Please note, that the application disables other programs that try to open drives. What is more, you should take care that the anti-virus program is not blocking the application’s operation.

Laptop / Notebook BIOS password – Reset BIOS Password

Configure the BIOS password on your Lenovo Thinkpad 300 series.

The BIOS is an essential component of a system that is directly involved in the operation of the system. The computer will not start if the BIOS password is wrong.

What you need to know

For the BIOS password to be changed, you need to be connected to the Internet and in a Windows operating system.

The BIOS password can be set in BIOS memory options or in the FastBoot BIOS password.

In BIOS settings, the BIOS password is displayed in the memory of the BIOS. For the BIOS to be changed, the slider needs to be pushed to the right, and you need to enter a new password.

In the FastBoot BIOS password, you can set a new password for the BIOS.

Restoring the BIOS password is not possible after the system is reset.

First, restart the computer and press the F2 key.

– Go to the BIOS settings and press F10.

– Select the memory in which the password is displayed.

– Press Enter and enter the BIOS password that you want to set.

– Press F10 again to return to the BIOS settings.

– Press F10 to save the changes.

If you set a BIOS password after the system is reset, you will no longer be able to reset the BIOS password.

Note: The BIOS password cannot be changed when you are connected to the Internet.

Change BIOS

MK Drive Access Control With Serial Key (Latest)

If you own a computer and don’t have the permission to restrict access to the drives, this program can be your savior. This free software makes it possible to turn off remote/local access to any drive of the machine and lock the panel if desired. The program features two tabs: “Logic” for settings and “Diagnostics” to analyze a trouble with a drive or even the whole computer.

This article shows you how to create a shortcut of a full-fledged Internet Explorer in order to easily launch the online browser with a single click, allowing you to browse Internet sites in the Windows desktop. The complete guide tells you how to accomplish this task.
Internet Explorer Shortcut
Internet Explorer is one of the world’s most popular web browsers, and is the default one in Windows.

While all the other browsers offer similar tools, Internet Explorer alone provides a comprehensive set of features that give it the edge in functionality.

In case you prefer not to use a full-fledged Internet Explorer and need to launch a web browser using a shortcut, this article is to help you in that regard.

In most cases, you will be using an Internet Explorer shortcut to quickly access a site, but you can easily create any application shortcut as well.
By pressing the Win Key, selecting the Create Shortcut command and specifying the working directory, a shortcut file named WinShellIE.lnk is created in the target folder.

Creating a shortcut of a full-fledged Internet Explorer
In order to create a shortcut of Internet Explorer, follow these steps:

Right-click on the desktop and select New.

Type Internet Explorer in the Name text box.

Select File Explorer from the left panel and click OK.

Double-click on the new shortcut to load it in the browser.

NOTE: If you have disabled the folder and files shortcuts in the Windows context menu, you will have to perform a variety of actions in order to perform the aforementioned process. Otherwise, the window will not allow you to load the shortcut in the browser.
Step 2: Renaming the shortcut file
To rename the shortcut, perform the following:

Double-click on the shortcut file.

In the Run window, type in the text box Replace(oldname with newname).

Press Enter to save the changes.

Step 3: Deleting the shortcut
To delete the shortcut, perform the following:

Double-click on the shortcut file.

What’s New In?

– Stop unapproved use of your computer equipment.
– Secure your digital data.
– Control who can open files and applications.
– Protect CDs/DVDs and removable drives.
– Prevent the copying or printing of your personal data.
– Stop users from copying your data or programs.
– Block access to your removable media.
– Control who can access your computer.
– Watch your data at all times.
– Lock away.
– Password protect.
– Hide sensitive data.
– Let no one copy files and programs.
– Block unauthorised access to your computer.
– Make your computer more secure.
– Keep data private.
– Lock away your data.
– Make your hard drive private.
– Block editing.
– Password protect your CD or DVD drive.
– Password protect your hard drive.
– Stop access to my computer.
– Lock my computer.
– Password protect my computer.
– Password protect my screen saver.
– Password protect my desktop.
– Password protect my programs.
– Password protect my browser.
– Password protect my boot drive.
– Password protect my data.
– Block screenshots.
– Prevent unauthorized access to my computer.
– Hide your hard drive.
– Password protect my browser.
– Stop someone from viewing my screen.
– Password protect my programs.
– Hide my hard drive.
– Password protect my media.
– Prevent screenshots.
– Prevent data from being copied.
– Protect personal data.
– Keep my computer safe.
– Prevent my computer from being shut down.
– Password protect my desktop.
– Password protect my screen saver.
– Password protect my hard drive.
– Password protect my desktop.
– Password protect my programs.
– Password protect my hard drive.
– Password protect my desktop.
– Password protect my programs.
– Block screenshots.
– Prevent unauthorized access to my computer.
– Password protect my hard drive.
– Password protect my programs.
– Password protect my data.
– Password protect my programs.
– Prevent screenshots.
– Prevent viewing on my screen.
– Password protect my system resources.
– Prevent my computer from being shut down.
– Password protect my screen saver.
– Password protect my files.
– Password protect my programs.
– Make my computer private.
– Password protect my files.

System Requirements For MK Drive Access Control:

Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or better
Windows XP or later
50 MHz processor or greater
1024 x 768 resolution
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For the demo you will need the following:
Internet Explorer 7 or later
JPEG codec (decoder and encoder)
Intel’s Media Platform SDK
To install Intel’s Media SDK for PC, download and install the Media Platform SDK for PC from Once installed, please close and restart your browser. Go to

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