Makaron Naomi Bios

Makaron Naomi Bios


Makaron Naomi Bios

Developing a Dreamcast emulator for Naomi requires a lot of work because of many problems with the console’s firmware. The initial HALT instruction wasnt printed correctly, so all the games were printing a zero instead of a real HALT instruction. So there werent any real known problems. The only console which worked properly was Sega F3.

When Naomi was released, it was soon forgotten because in just a few years Sony will release PlayStation. Yet the Dreamcast had an amazing lifespan and after the turn of the century, Sega released Saturn. With these consoles, Sega Arcade was one of the very first Sega developed arcade game consoles to boast of not only a screen resolution equal to a PC, but also a full 32 bit CPU. They were able to play arcade games with a very good performance. In fact, Saturn Arcade series was able to run games at a resolution of 320×240 at a minimum speed.

The development of Makaron started in 2004. The developer who was a famous Sega Arcade fan, got the emulator started. He started making some progress, testing the emulator with arcade games, but as development went on, he realized he wasnt at a comfortable pace. The emulator started to perform slowly, became quite buggy and the developer didn’t even knew when to stop the progress. He just couldn’t finish it within a reasonable time frame. So he decided to leave the project, but before leaving he made one final version he thought was worth sharing. That one was called Test 12/5. It is actually the last version of Makaron.

This version of the emulator contained many new interesting features such as disc games emulation, Sega Model 2 support and a switch which basically allowed to choose from arcade or pachinko games. So this version wasn’t a perfect port of the Naomi version, but it was playable, had a similar interface and quality to the others.


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