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In this article, we have Mail Merge Toolkit 2 5 7 Incl Crack Zip archived of. Microsoft Office Word send me a message right away.. But the attempt to define the nature of the mental problem is a distinction without a difference, for the neuroses have no more in common than the end-organ disease itself.11

The absurd predilection of the American Psychiatric Association for adjectives is not the only reason that the term “mental disorder” has no definitional value. The term “mental illness” has no reference to a function, organ or system, and mental illness can be held in abeyance indefinitely with no negative consequence, as with hypochondriasis. In contrast, “personality disorder” seems to have a substantive meaning, though it may have little in common with reality. A personality disorder may be held to be a permanent state, as in psychopathy, or the result of genetic influences, as in nymphomania and narcissism. If the term “personality disorder” is used in a figurative sense, as a description of the content of a person’s life, it shares the adjectival requirements of the neuroses and may in fact be indistinguishable from a mental illness with nothing more than an adjective substituted for the noun “brain.”

Defining Personality Disorders

The following characteristics may be important in the identification of a personality disorder:

—automatic and uncontrollable impulses to act in certain ways;

—inappropriate but intense sexual fantasies;

—impaired ability to control antisocial behavior, such as sexual and violent impulses;

—pathological lying;

—mental and emotional immaturity;

—abnormal attitudes, feelings and behaviors, some of which persist despite their relation to social problems; and

—recognition of problems at a subclinical level, although compliance with treatment may be poor, and improvement slow.

A psychiatric examination which finds symptoms of the personality disorder is likely to be judged as a “mental illness,” as are patients who complain that they have many psychological problems but have no capacity to take an active role in dealing with them. Since the symptoms of a personality disorder mimic the symptoms of mental illness, they are usually regarded as mental illness.

The definition of a personality disorder may be seen as a contrast with the notion of “personality type” (Biopsychology, vol.


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