Lishi 2 In 1 User Guide Pdf ##HOT## 🔝

Lishi 2 In 1 User Guide Pdf ##HOT## 🔝

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Lishi 2 In 1 User Guide Pdf

Lishi Tools is a leading manufacturer of professional locksmith tools. We are the world leader in the manufacture of picks and decoders. We supply tools that are the ultimate in lock picking, car jacking and entry tools to the police, car rental companies, body shops and locksmiths around the world. We are constantly improving the design, ease of use and quality of our products. These tools are unrivalled in the industry and are the only tool you will need for most common locks.

The Lishi picks are the official decoder of Locksport and some police forces in the UK and North America are using them. The Lishi pick is manufactured using the latest tooling. If you look at the tooling on the inside of the pick, you will see that the tooling has been extremely carefully done so as not to damage the pick, ensuring that the tooling on the outer edge of the pick has a hard sharp edge to the pick. This tool will cut 100% of the wafers and gives you a perfect outcome every time. The Lishi picks cut the wafers using the least number of picks possible, this is to help prevent damage to the pick and the key set. The exterior cutting edge of the pick is also sharpened to give you a perfect result every time.

The Lishi pick has been tested by the criminals organization’CASH’and shown to be the best pick available in the UK market, we have had the pick in every type of lock used in the UK market, and have tested them all, in real life conditions and the pick has performed great and has a firm grip in almost any type of lock, this pick not only cuts the wafers but they also grip the lock and this allows you to pick the lock with ease, it is very easy to use and will cut the wafers without any problems. The major problem with the standard pick is that they do not grip the lock properly, and thus make the picking task extremely hard. The Lishi pick is designed to go into a lock with zero resistance and to grip the lock, when you pick the lock the pick is extremely easy to use and will cut the wafers with zero problems. The Lishi pick is the ultimate in locking pick.


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