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Limo Linx is a program which focuses on invoices, tracking of your fleet and scheduling of your drivers.
The interface is very easy to use and provides all the information you need in one place.
You can use the program to track your cars or your drivers, or you can start a trip with just a few clicks.
Limo Linx has a database with various information such as car and driver reservation and history.
You can make a reservation, and you can also review your invoices, as you work you can set up your equipment, such as GPS devices, cell phones and other automatic functions.
Limo Linx has an advanced calculator that allows you to manage all the information, and you can also estimate the prices and adjust your price accordingly.
You can also select and assign the appropriate driver to any trip.
As soon as a trip is done, you can process the invoice and send it to your accountant.
Limo Linx can be downloaded from the developer’s website (
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8 / 8.1 / 10
RAM: 512 MB of RAM
HDD: 20 GB of available space
Internet: 512 Kb/sec. Download speed
Microsoft Visual C ++ 6.0 or better
Limo Linx Downloads:


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Limo Linx is a complex application designed to help you manage invoices and to schedule your fleet of town cars. Straightforward interface Even though it has a basic and unsophisticated graphic interface, the program acts like a real manager and accountant at the same time. Being an advanced piece of software, with a multitude of features included, it comes with a price. Sometimes, the application may become buggy and display errors. Integrated GPS tracking Limo Linx allows you to organize your actions, to assign drivers to cars or to distribute GPS devices to drivers when dealing with multiple cars, drivers and customers at the same time. You can view the route or the location of tracked drivers on a map, allowing you to dispatch or schedule them based on their position. If a drivers is running late, the program can be set to send alerts. And also, passengers can be notified when the driver is near, making the whole process a little more time-efficient. Wide database of customers and drivers The program will record data about the usual pickup location of a passenger, allowing you to dispatch a car to the registered address. You can set these pickup locations yourself, and also add various points of interest and landmarks. Limo Linx allows you to keep track of your fleet of cars, their upcoming maintenance or mileage. Based on this, you can be informed about which cars are available, in order to create an efficient schedule. The program allows you to create reservations, schedule cars and drivers, and dispatch them at the set time. After a trip has been completed, you can settle the reservation and start processing the invoices. Conclusion Even though it may need improvement, Limo Linx is a very useful tool to have when you need to manage a limousine business, process invoices, schedule trips and track the activity of your drivers.

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What’s New in the Limo Linx?

Invoicing application
Time tracking software
Location tracking software
If you are looking for a limo limousine hire software which helps you to manage your limousine fleet, then Limo Linx is a good choice for you. It is a complete software package that helps to manage your limousine, which includes everything from booking to invoicing and accounting, with easy to use features.
With this software application, you can track and manage your limousine fleet, send invoices, track the location of your limos and drivers and even send them alerts, reminders and notifications from your smartphones and laptops. You can easily invoice your customers, track locations of your limos and drivers, schedule drivers, send invoices and manage your limousine fleet.
Easy to use
Users simply need to click the start button to get to the details screen. From there, they can register their desired limo, click the add limo button and save the limo. It provides all the details of the limo.
It automatically calculates the pricing based on the limo features. It allows for time tracking and system alerting via the GSM module. Also, you can upload photos of your limo and the features listed, such as extra stuffs, and transfer them to the system.
Booking tools
Most of the limo fleet softwares today offer their own booking tools, but Limo Linx has its own well thought out booking tool. It offers a number of limitations that make it a very popular limousine hire software. You can book only one limousine at a time and it may have only one limo so that you have the chance to look it over. This differs with most limo fleet softwares.
Having Limo Linx, you can view your previous trips, compare it against your planned trip for the day, see to what customers your limousine has visited and see what else it is capable of delivering.
The limo software is capable of handing invoicing, recording the mileage, booking history and customers.
Limo Linx offers an automated invoicing with the ability to track limo mileage and use it as evidence of trip.
It automatically generates invoices and records the information needed for it.
The limo software allows you to create pricing for your limo. It keeps track of all information about your limousine and does not charge for maintenance or mis

System Requirements:

Minimum Specifications:
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: Direct X 9
Hard disk: ~3 GB free hard disk space
Sound Card: DirectX 9
Additional Requirements:
DirectX: 9 and the latest Service Pack
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