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Kidsmouse 3 License Key | Tested

the only thing i would like it if they could have added something like a cool tracker effect that i’ve seen in some of the older games. a simple one that would run in the background and would flash in a nice light blue colour when a button or a key was being pressed. theres already a lot going on and while the kidsmouse 3 is fairly easy to use i would have liked something extra on the side. while we’re on the subject of that, there’s also little trackpad support. even the touch controls on the kidsmouse 3 aren’t that great. theres no touch control for navigating up and down the list of games and no scroll bars for zooming in or out.

it’s much more expensive than the crayon physics game and feels a bit like it. theres certainly no shortage of games to choose from. the idea of what these games can learn about your kids is very interesting and there’s also quite a few challenges that you can select from. kidsmouse 3 is a fun game for all the family and is perfect for those days when you don’t want to get your kids out of the house.

kidsmouse 3 is fun, it’s a lot of fun. if you look at the menus you will see that there are many more than there are in the other crayon physics games. you can select between single player and two player and you can either choose a full screen game or a windowed game. theres also a two player version of the game which is very handy. the graphics are very basic and the sound effects are ok but the music is very annoying. the volume of the music can be set through the game but there’s no way to turn it off entirely.

when i first booted up kidsmouse 3 i was immediately taken aback by the graphics and i wasn’t too keen on the music either. it’s not that the graphics are bad, it’s just that they’re so unimaginative. i was happy to see that they have worked in a feature that allows you to change the colours of the keys and buttons in the games but it would have been nice if they had managed to add some nice backgrounds as well. kidsmouse 3 also has what is called a “toolbar” which allows you to change the colours of the icons in the game. there are also a couple of other features that you can use to make the game easier to use. there’s also an option for you to turn off the music that was playing during the game.


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