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^NEW^ Armin Van Buuren’s new album Free 18.02.2016, 00:14
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The project is not going to stop there and in the near future plans to release a musical album of the same content and content.
Fans are looking forward to the release of Armin’s new album. And, despite all the rumors and speculation, the band is not going to cancel the release.
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You can buy a licensed album:
From iTunes or Play Store
To find the album on the Internet, go to Armin’s official website or use the search by title, where you will find all the music in Russian.
Enter an album cover name to see all album covers.
This album will probably be the most popular this year. A new beginning, new ideas, without which it is impossible – all this is included in the new album. There are, of course, some thoughts – but this is the “base” for getting new ones …
In the summer of 2015, Armin Van Buuren released 10 songs that sing about the horrors of war. Americans are very fond of works dedicated to the theme of war, and “Hero” is no exception, it is the most harmless song…
Armin has always been successful in show business and his fans will surely look forward to the release of this album. Ahead of the new studio album, Armin spoke in an interview about…Metallica will release a live album, Vault Tour, which will give listeners the opportunity to appreciate their virtuoso performance, according to a message posted on the band’s official page.
February 19, 2016 (Friday)
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