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Instant Zip is designed for situations when you need to quickly include a large, variate collection of files into a ZIP archive that can be easily shared with others or sent via email.
The application focuses on speed and ease of use, rather than looks and therefore, its interface is not so appealing. However, it is very intuitive and the usage shouldn’t pose any problem, even to beginners.
Instant Zip aims to provide you with a comfortable way to generate ZIP archives, without having to go through complicated configuration options. Things are kept as simple as possible.
You can import several types of files into the main window of the application and then select just the ones you want to include in the archive. All that’s left is to set the name of the output ZIP file and the archive is created almost instantly.
As expected, the duration of the compression process depends directly on the number of files you want to include in the archive and their size.
On the downside, Instant Zip does not keep the list of the imported files once the compression process is finished, so if it turns out that one file is missing from the archive, the only solution is to go back to the start.
Also, shell integration is one element that would make Instant Zip even more accessible and therefore, add it extra value.
Although it could use some improvements, Instant Zip does a decent job when it comes to easily creating a ZIP archive. Despite the fact that there is an abundance of similar applications out there that can do the same thing, the ease of use make it worth your while.







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Instant Zip Full Crack creates small compressed zip archives. This version includes the following features:
* Creation of zip archives with a fixed compression level of 40%
* Creation of zip archives with optional protection (via password)
* Creation of zip archives with optional encryption
* Creation of zip archives with automatic compression (using the free WinZip compression wizard)


Ozpack is an advanced zip program that is easy-to-use and allows you to manage an unlimited number of zip files, unpack, extract, create, sign, encrypt, or rename zip files, backup/restore entire zip archives. You can also use all the standard zip features and functions like sorting, extracting, displaying, and extracting files.

Graphical User Interface, good, easy to use.


The program has a graphical user interface with most of the functions organized in windows and tabs. You can drag and drop to copy or move files, and you can perform the most usual operations such as extract, add, delete, and rename files inside the archives. You can modify the properties of the files or the zip archive, including the compression level and the password for encrption.

Program runs on Microsoft Windows 95 and 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista.

Creation of zip files, extraction/unpacking of zip files from any size to a greater size, any number of zip files (up to 32k), addition of files from other zip files, zip file edition, size modification of zip files, zip file encryption and decryption, and so on.

The program has an automatic compression wizard, and when necessary, offers to use WINZIP that is installed on your computer, which automatically adds the compression and extraction functions.

Signing and encryption of zip files.

Backup/restore of zip files

Support of advanced passwords

Display of the individual sections and the total size of the archive

You can add a read-only flag to individual files within the archive. You can also add a replaceable main file section which can be used for reading the instructions or the signature without extracting the archive.

The program comes with all the important files to perform its most usual operations:


2. Install the ‘OzPack.exe’ program and click on ‘OK’ to register the application.

3. Download the Python Zip Application for Compression and Unzipping

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This app lets you quickly create ZIP file, letting you including only those files you want into the ZIP archive. You are only required to import the files you want into the main window. Then all you have to do is choose the name of the file you want to include, set the name of the resulting ZIP file and the archive is created instantly. Instant Zip Serial Key comes with a rich number of functions, such as converting, resizing, renaming and applying password protection. Apart from that, it supports ZIP, TAR, GZIP, PAX, XZ and ZIP, etc. zip files.
Key Features:
1. Full-featured application that is easy to use and doesn’t have a too overwhelming interface.
2. Able to import several types of files into the archive at once, including any image files, and the resulting archive can be sent via e-mail.
3. Supports renaming any or all files in a ZIP archive
4. Supports renaming the archive name on the fly (although the original name is retained in the archive)
5. Supports renaming any or all files in a ZIP archive
6. Allows you to view the file list after compression
7. Presents the list of included files
8. Displays the archive file’s SHA256 hash
9. Displays the size of the selected files
10. Selects the output folder, which can be remote
11. Automatically disables the interface elements
12. Supports full Unicode support
1. Use the RAR ARJ Plugin to unpack the archive
2. Download and install the v3 installer package
3. Run Setup.exe to install the application
4. Enjoy using Instant Zip Activation Code v3
Supported system:
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
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Instant Zip Download For PC

Create Zips quickly.
How to Create a Zip File?
You can use ZIP archives for a myriad of purposes. You can use them to transfer large amounts of data in the form of files. Or you can send them via e-mail to others. As the names of the archive and its files are rather self-explanatory, even non-technical people can use the ZIP archives. They can create, edit and delete archives. However, ZIP archives are not self-explanatory. That’s why you can easily create one using a utility called the Create-a-Zip utility. This utility allows you to create and edit ZIP archives with ease. As you may know, a ZIP archive is a very compact, compressed file. It compresses a large amount of files into a very small file. It can even compress and decompress files to and from an archive at the same time. What’s great about ZIP archives is that they can be opened and used in a multitude of ways. They have portable versions of Windows and Unix that work without the need of an archive manager. You can, therefore, use a ZIP archive on your desktop or laptop in a way that other archive formats cannot. However, the biggest problem with ZIP archives is their size. It may take minutes or hours to compress a folder full of files into an archive. To make the whole thing a lot quicker, you can use a utility called the Insta Zip utility. This utility is designed to create, edit and delete ZIP archives in a much quicker way. Its interface is very intuitive and its interface is not so appealing. However, it is very intuitive and the usage doesn’t pose any problem, even to beginners.
The functionality of Insta Zip is pretty much the same as the one of the Create-a-Zip utility. It allows you to import large amounts of files into the application. You can then select the ones you want to include in the archive. You can then create, edit or delete an archive.
The good thing about Insta Zip is that it doesn’t include the option to add or create directories. This is a very common feature of the Create-a-Zip utility and it would allow you to easily use Insta Zip. However, Insta Zip has a few other features that make it stand out from other applications. Its interface is very intuitive. Therefore, it is very easy to use even for beginners. Insta Zip allows you to import various types of files into the application and you can easily select and include

What’s New In?

Instant Zip helps you quickly and easily create zip archives. Drag and drop files to add them to the archive. No need to go through complex set-ups, just drag them in, press the Create Archive button and your zip archive is ready! Works with all types of files, including large multi-gigabyte files. The zip archive feature also offers encryption of zip files, making it impossible to read them without the correct password.

Main Features:
1) Drag and drop files onto the main window.
2) Select the files to be included in your archive.
3) A zip archive is created, ready to be sent by email.
4) An archive can be encrypted, setting the right password to protect the file.
5) Includes all files inside the main window, without the need to go into any folders.


Instant Zip reviewed by Joe on Jan 11, 2015app is rated 5 out of 5 stars from 85815 reviews.

Great app

Most helpful positive review

Simple interface, quick to use.

Instant Zip is a simple and fast app for creating zip files on Mac.


* Quick to install
* Version control


* Size/large file limit

Instant Zip is a simple and fast app for creating zip files on Mac. It allows you to add a few files at once and create a zip archive file as quickly as possible. It’s perfect if you want to quickly include a few large files in a zip archive that you can send to people.


1. Drag and drop files onto the window. A menu list of available file types will appear with every folder you have available to use.
2. Select the files to include in the zip file.
3. An instant zip file is created for quick and easy sharing.

Installing and working:

Installation is easy enough. Go into the App Store and click Install App. When the installation is complete, run Instant Zip.

The app shows all your file types as well as a list of your folders. Drag files onto the app. When you are done, the file is added to the zip archive.

There are two ways to speed up the process, Archive option and File option.

In the Archive option, you can choose which folders will be included in the zip. By default, the selected folders are added. Using the File option,

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 2000 or later.
DirectX 11 graphics card or equivalent (ATI or nVidia).
2 GB Hard Disk Space
32-bit or 64-bit OS
1024×768 resolution monitor
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