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Change the brightness of the computer display as well as the backlight of the monitor or projector.
Increase the monitor brightness to suit your working conditions.
Or lower the brightness to work under the dark.
iBrightness Free Download only works on Windows 7.

The Evereffects Hotkeys is a simple application designed for quick text editing. It’s a standalone Windows utility, so you don’t have to install anything else on your system to use this program.
In fact, the application is very simple, and won’t bother you with any options or readout screens whatsoever. Simply put the cursor where you need to insert some text and press Enter. The new text will then be automatically inserted into the selected location.
The Hotkeys only supports regular text editing, so you can’t use it to insert file names, URLs or a wide range of other characters. Still, it’s a very effective utility for quick text editing and it’s a really simple program to use.
One nice thing about Evereffects Hotkeys is that it’s designed to always work quietly, without any additional noise or distraction. The only thing that you’ll hear is your typing, which is nice if you want to work in silence.
The application also offers a couple of preset hotkey options. You can define up to 3 shortcuts, which can be assigned to the Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys respectively. The program will still respond to the Enter key as well, so you can use it to end the currently active command, or continue the current activity.
The Evereffects Hotkeys doesn’t provide additional features, nor display any extra messages or prompts whatsoever, even when the user selects some advanced options.
Hotkeys Description:

Keyboard short cuts for fast editing of text.
Insert a text directly in the selected line or document.
Add or remove shortcuts.
Formatting and auto completion.
Works in any Windows application.
Very easy to use.
Set any hotkeys for your application.

The Vistabox Mini Defender is an handy freeware that lets you make your PC a password-protected sandbox, which is a perfect solution for running computer programs that aren’t allowed to access the Internet.
If you’re planning to do some research online, or you simply want to limit access to the Internet in general, this is a very easy-to-use application that offers a very nice solution.
There’s no need to download any extra software or install new drivers. All the

IBrightness Crack + [Updated]

Cracked iBrightness With Keygen is an small Windows utility that allows you to adjust screen brightness in a very fast way.
Once installed and launched, Cracked iBrightness With Keygen places an icon in the Windows System Tray and lets you control the brightness with just a single click.
What’s more, the application is touch-friendly, which means that you can also use it on tablet PCs without the need for additional buttons to change the brightness.
The Tray icon however isn’t solely used for adjusting the brightness, as it also provides one-click access to some other features, such as turning off the monitor, enabling or changing the screen saver.
An auto start option is also available to automatically launch the application together with Windows, which is pretty useful if you want to adjust brightness on a regular basis.
Another good thing about this application is that it’s fully portable, so you can always copy all of its files on a removable drive and use it on the go without prior installation. No temporary files are left on your computer and the overall system stability is not at all affected.
iBrightness Crack Keygen only works on Windows 7 workstations and it doesn’t require administrator privileges. It quietly runs in the background, with a very low footprint on hardware resources.
All things considered, iBrightness is undoubtedly a helpful product if you’re looking for a simple and effective brightness control application. It still lacks some essential features, such as hotkey control, which could allow users adjust brightness on the go.

Product Specifications


4.9 MB


Requires that Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit)



Run time

1 h 36 min



System Requirements

Windows: XP (32-bit or 64-bit)

You could download iBrightness (for free) from the link download below. Once that’s done, just click the downloaded file to install the software. Running this program is quite easy, so you won’t face any challenges while using it.

We may providelinks to other web sites or resources on the Internet. We make no representation that the information presented in those web sites is accurate, current, or complete. Use the contact information in the re-download link to verify this application’s accuracy before you download this program. iBrightness is a Freeware, It’s cracked for your convenience only.Q:

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IBrightness Crack + Activation Key

iBrightness is a free tool for adjusting screen brightness on your Windows PC.
It automatically adjusts brightness when you move your mouse pointer to the system tray area. You can turn off the monitor, change the screen saver, switch the monitor with another one, and adjust its brightness. iBrightness uses a simple method to increase or decrease the brightness of your screen.
There are no auto start applications which make iBrightness an easy tool to use. It can be quickly launched by the system and no separate installation is required. With only few files and registry entries created, you can safely uninstall the iBrightness tool and its configuration files from your system.
iBrightness supports multi-monitor systems and it can maintain the desktop interface even when there are no visible display outputs attached.
iBrightness changes the brightness level under Windows Vista SP2 and newer system versions. This tool is a portable application, meaning that it can be copied to a USB flash drive and used in another PC when not connected to your primary system.
iBrightness only requires Windows XP and Windows 7 operation systems. However, it can work just fine on Windows Vista and Windows 8 as well.
What’s New in Version 2.4.4:

– Added support for Windows 8
– Added command line help, including usage
– Fixed problems and added improvements


iBrightness has only a few files and registry entries, making it a portable application that can be copied to a USB flash drive. You can easily use it in a different computer without additional installation.
This tool only requires Microsoft Windows operating systems, being fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10.
The application doesn’t have a large footprint and it keeps working even when no display outputs are attached to the system.
This lightweight tool can adjust the screen brightness as you move the mouse pointer to the system tray. You can check the current brightness by using the Display | Properties dialog box.
When activated, iBrightness locates monitors of the system and sets their brightness level.
If you are running with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, you should simply use the built-in OS option to adjust the screen brightness.
The MultiMonitor feature of Windows Vista also lets you synchronize the screen brightness of all attached monitor outputs, which means that the system will adjust the brightness level of the combined screen outputs.
iBrightness supports several monitor types and you can change which monitor drives the system to

What’s New In IBrightness?


Snappy and fast.

Simple and clean interface.

Easy to use and easy to carry.

Supports hardware buttons as well as a simple mouse.

Supports x64 versions of Windows 7.

Automatically launches, and shuts down iBrightness when the system starts.

Auto start enabled to add an additional feature of adjusting screen brightness on a regular basis.

Portable with preinstalled settings and folders.

iBrightness currently only supports adjusting the screen brightness, not the monitor contrast.

iBrightness will not block other applications and usually creates no system hang up.

Download iBrightness Beta


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System Requirements For IBrightness:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 5670 (1080p) or AMD Radeon HD 5870 (4K)
2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Quad / 2.4GHz AMD Phenom Quad
2GB System Memory
12GB Hard Drive Space
NVIDIA: Windows 7 or later, DirectX 11
AMD: Windows 7 or later, DirectX 11
SteamOS, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, or any Linux distro
AMD Radeon R9 270X: Windows 7 or later, DirectX 11


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