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Honey Jar and Honey – 179 entries in the “Drink” category. on the side of one of the jars. Yes, they really did think this was a. I put it in the jar. It came with some honey and several. Broke it into several smaller jars and just stared at it.


Let It Bubble from the Grumman Water Jar in Wall-E

Take on the role of a repairman for the illustrious Axiom spaceship in the new. let i…

Transformers: The Movie — As Bumblebee Fights For The Future

On Earth, the Transformers had been hiding underground following their role in the destruction of Cybertron. But, when they learned that humans were rising against their creators, they returned to Cybertron. The seven Decepticons have teamed up with the combiner Unicron, the deformed remains of Darkmount.
Within the Quintesson ship are thousands of humans, and there are people within the Decepticons as well. Meanwhile, Megatron has summoned the other Decepticons to Earth. Bumblebee, who has an important role to play, hopes to stop the Decepticons, regain Optimus Prime’s leadership, and then, lead the Autobots to safety.

Gents – 11×20 Honey Jar, Vintage Grocery Store Packing Box, $225

Here we have this Grocery Store jar packed with 11 10lb jars of Honey. This is a very nice “set” and was packed in a crate in the early 1960s.
There were no spices or salt included. This was simply a sample of the products available back in those days.
I am selling this “11×20 Jar” on ebay here:
From the collection of the late Craig Holbrook of Holbrooks Auctioneers


The whole process was top notch and a pleasure to deal with. The honey is harvested by hand from the hives, and when I picked it up the guy I bought it from said he had never seen such large honey buckets inked with a hex sign. It was a great day.
Music; Bolero


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