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· Improved Predator AI with new “Impact Progression System,” which determines how fast and hard a player can make a challenge and feeds these characteristics into the virtual player’s post-challenge perceptual response. Players now stop, pause or slow down to better react to the situations they find themselves in.

· Take advantage of new replay animation based on in-game match performance. Using this animation, players can influence virtual football matches by playing more attacking shots and using more aggressive body position and movement, all of which help to emphasize players’ natural strengths and their individual personal tactics.

· Create unique player presentations. Enhance your players’ on-field performance with more precise training drills and tailor-made player appearances, all of which are updated to match your individual league requirements.

· More stadiums. Celebrate your club in all 32 of the world’s major stadiums, boasting state-of-the-art AI

· More innovation. The new “Shot Direction Control” provides new high-precision shooting with more control over the final outcome of your shot by giving you total access to the pace and direction of the target, enabling you to choose where to shoot, how fast and how far.

New Skill Factors and Play Styles in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 introduces Real Player Motion, new Skill Factors (SF) and Play Styles.

The Ultimate Team Mode in FIFA 22 is based on your own view of the sport and delivers high-end animations, great players and realistic-looking faces.

This way you are allowed to create and display your own golden U-23 shirt in FIFA Ultimate Team.

New Skills and Skill Factors in FIFA 22

The ability to score from a free kick in FIFA 21 was rated at around 80 to 85 percent, depending on the personal preference of the gamer. With the new Real Player Motion, that number has been increased to around 90 to 95 percent.

Whether you hit the ball with your head or your leg, the ball will always move on a trajectory that matches the shot type.

FIFA 22 gets special attention to consistent free kick shots and aerial duels because of the new “Impact Progression System” on the player. These skills have improved. The data collected from the motion suits of 22 real-life players (full-time professional players from around the world) is


Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 delivers dynamically balanced gameplay that enhances player movement, ball control and interaction. 
  • FIFA World cup is back, with the action now directly linked to meaningful, competitive aspects of the 2019 World Cup experience.
  • FIFA World cup kicks off in Russia this summer and will run throughout the summer of 2019. 
  • FIFA 22 introduces a series of new and improved in-game camera angles and perspectives. Now the player and the ball are easier to follow, thanks to new player models and how the ball moves in the air.
  • NEW TEAM, TEAM! Multiformation team plays much more fluidly, go straight through the lines and withstand the pressure when going forward. New approach to player movement, players are able to change their direction of movement in mid-air. 
  • Player Physics– smarter, more responsive AI player movement.
  •  Player Vision, Positioning and Tactical Awareness – improved player vision and positioning. With smart offensive and defensive architecture, the field is more connected than ever.
  • Faster Ball Control – More tightly connected movements and intelligent player movement will make you a more efficient attacker. 


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Create your dream team and take it all the way to the top as you compete with players from around the world in a fantasy game that is both simple and rewarding.

FIFA on TV – Now with 40+ channels, including a range of UEFA Champions League matches as well as international friendlies, major tournaments and exclusive LIVE coverage of the newest clubs. FIFA on TV is an extensive range of channels and content. New shows include “FIFA on TV” which provides full hours of live matches and an extensive range of documentaries as well as “FIFA on TV GO” a new channel on the high definition handheld device.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Ultimate Team is a new addition for FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition. You can now challenge your friends and rivals as a FIFA player or the managers on your team in this new and exciting way to play.

FIFA 2K2 – For the first time, EA SPORTS, the FIFA franchise’s official video game developer, teams up with Electronic Arts Sports Alignment (EASA), the exclusive licensee of the FIFA name, trademark and logos in North America, to create the FIFA 2002 series. FIFA 2002, an all-new game is enhanced to include first-class AI, true-to-life ball control and an enhanced career mode. In addition to features such as “Anticipation” – a new feature that gives the artificial intelligence more control over how they play, your team’s new set of players will have character, including their likes and dislikes, and players will play more spontaneously as you watch the matches they play in-game.

FIFA 2K3 – Available in 2011, FIFA 2K3 is the direct sequel to the PS2 and PSP game FIFA 2K2. The most notable changes in FIFA 2K3 include new rosters, tweaks to player appearances and animations, a more robust and refined FIFA Ultimate Team, a revised head-to-head mode and a new AI, which has been tweaked to be more unpredictable. FIFA 2K3 also features improved commentary and an updated Best XI and PFA awards.

FIFA on Demand – FIFA on Demand is a new feature on the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles that provides you instant access to classic FIFA games such as FIFA 98, FIFA 99, FIFA 2000, FIFA 2001, FIFA Premier League 2002, FIFA World Cup 2002 and Ultimate Team on any system.

EA SPORTS Football
EA SPORTS Football is back


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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