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* General:
* Supports any supported fax gateway or server, including HTTP
* Supports multiple receivers with different authentication levels
* Incoming messages can be forwarded to one or more receivers
* Allows sending fax messages to multiple destinations at once
* Allows configuring the default send and receive properties

About fax4j Crack For Windows
* Sourceforge:
* GNU HylaFax Support
About the fax bridge API:
* GNU HylaFax support and other major fax servers support
* Send a fax with “multiparty” mode.
* The fax can be sent to multiple destinations
* Incoming messages can be forwarded to one or more destinations
* Supports null (m:0) receivers
* Supports “routing” of any incoming message to any number of destinations
* Supports any send properties
* Supports real-time visualization of a fax stream
* Supports local encryption/decryption of fax content
* Supports the widest range of receive properties (e.g. authentication level)
* Supports encryption/decryption of fax content
* Supports the widest range of authentication levels for fax receive (e.g. static, pam, xauth)

Developers Documentation:

The projects fork, standalone and efax4j Product Key projects on sourceforge does not support or has not yet support the latest version of fax4j. The project can still be used and updated via the internal code repository fax4j/repo on bitbucket.
About the efax4j project:
The efax4j project is a fork of the fax4j project on sourceforge. It is a more updated and enhanced version of fax4j. The main differences is that efax4j is based on the internal code repository fax4j/repo on bitbucket and is updated more often.

efax4j Documentation:
To use efax4j you have to recompile it yourself.
The efax4j project requires Java 6

See More
Fax4j forum:

Fax4j wiki:

Fax4j Keygen

· A Web service that allows you to send faxes via HTTP
· A fax server that provides a fax service to local networks
· A Telnet service that allows you to send faxes from within a Java application
· An email server that provides a fax service to local networks
· A Local network device that provides a fax service to local networks
· An external process that provides a fax service to local networks
· A DLL that provides a fax service to local networks
· A command line shell command to send a fax via a local network or Internet.
· A VBS to send a fax via a local network or Internet
· HylaFAX to send a fax via a local network or Internet
Fax4j also provides a Java API that lets you integrate a fax service into your Java applications.
The fax4j Java API provides convenience methods for common fax operations such as sending faxes, receiving faxes, cancelling faxes and getting the status of all faxes.
Currently the API supports Windows native fax API and a Java implementation of the HylaFax API.
To get a quick understanding of the API visit the API Docs.
You can use the API Docs as a quick reference, and to get you started quickly on your way.
For a more detailed description of the API classes and methods see the API Docs.
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What’s New in the?

The fax4j library is a pure Java fax library that enables Java applications to automate most of the common fax operations.  
The fax4j library can be used to:
· Initiate a fax by sending the fax protocol headers.
· Send fax documents (as a binary data or as fax data streams)
· Check for status of the fax job (using the fax bridge)
· Resume a fax job
· Detect fax server failures and retry the fax job
· Check and wait for an incoming fax (via the fax bridge)
· Email fax document (via email servers that enable to send fax message based on incoming email messages)
· Turn a fax job in an on-line one (via the fax bridge)
· Stop a fax job
You can also have a look at the presentation of the fax4j library at:


[8-5-2009] the new release is available for download



* Fixed the bug while using the native Windows API fax API, that makes the fax4j program crash on Linux



* Changed the behaviour, when the fax transmission fails.
Now the fax4j program will retry the transmission after a timeout.
If the fax transmission still fails after the timeout, then the program will exit
without further message.



* added the option to retry the fax transmission after a timeout.


* if a native Windows fax API is used (i.e. Windows native API support is required), then the program will now exit after a timeout.


System Requirements:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Mac OS X 10.8 or higher
Internet browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher, or Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Version: Version 1.3.0
Installed Plugins:
3DO Max
Deform, Spline, Vox


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