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applied metrology for industrial engineering, which differs from traditional work in its educational aspect.
Our students, together with teachers, get acquainted with successful practices in the field of decision making, system analysis, design and work with data, as well as working with specific equipment.
Since 2002, the MAI master’s program “System Analysis, Management and Information Processing” has been a graduation project and is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and the requirements for master’s programs at the Higher School of Economics.
Graduates of the program have the opportunity to choose for themselves several specializations:
The field of professional activity of a graduate is determined on the basis of the requirements for the level of professional training in accordance with the field of professional activity provided for graduates of the direction “Higher Education – Information Systems”.
A graduate of the MIET Management Systems program will be in demand on the labor market in the field of:
Digital signal and image processing;
Metrology and standardization;
Intelligent systems for data processing and management;
Integrated automation of production activities;
Informatics, management processes and information systems;
The specialization “Intelligent systems for data processing” is the main and priority for this program.
Getting practical training in system analysis, management and information processing will contribute to the construction of effective systems in such areas as:
technical support, monitoring and analysis of the functioning of information systems of enterprises and organizations;
management information systems;
forecasting and modeling;
procurement management;
business planning; and etc.
Project activities for the design, development and implementation of automation systems
This project is the result of combining our own educational programs and the requirements of employers for design and production activities.
In the process of implementing the project, undergraduates gain experience in conducting scientific research in the field of information technology. To implement this project, a wide range of disciplines, both mathematical and technical, is being worked out. These include computer science, mathematics, operations research and algorithm theory, discrete mathematics, algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence, design automation, and the creation of visual data representation systems.
An important aspect in this project is teaching students English. Classes in English at an advanced level are held both as part of the educational process, and in addition to its main part. Within the framework of the training course, such disciplines as labor psychology, psychodiagnostics, English, human rights are studied.After completing the training, graduates are specialists in the field of design and implementation of automation systems, confident in modern methods of engineering analysis and information systems design (including



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