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Manage and tune-up your Windows Vista operating system and get the control of your Windows registry in an easy to use environment. Easy Vista Manager provides you with stability and security control on your OS details.
With Easy Vista Manager you can take complete control of your Windows system with access to hundreds of powerful tweaks and hidden Registry settings. The simple and intuitive user interface enables rapid access to settings that affect the speed, security, efficiency, and convenience of your computer.


Download » https://ssurll.com/2sm84p

Download » https://ssurll.com/2sm84p






Easy Vista Manager 2.0.72 Registration Code Free Download

Easy Vista Manager provides you with complete control of your Windows Vista operating system and thousands of tweak settings to optimize your system speed, reduce crashes and increase efficiency.
Easy Vista Manager can speed up your operating system to over 100 percent in a couple of minutes. When you use it you can work like a hard-working rock-star, and other system services will be deactivated while you are running the program.
Easy Vista Manager will increase the efficiency of your computer by deactivating all services other than the essentials, such as the anti-virus, firewall and Windows Search programs.
Manage and tune-up your Windows Vista operating system and get the control of your Windows registry in an easy to use environment. Easy Vista Manager provides you with stability and security control on your OS details.

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Easy Vista Manager 2.0.72 Crack [Mac/Win]

Easy Vista Manager Torrent Download has been carefully designed and built specifically for Windows Vista. The utility provides system optimization, security controls and stability for you. The program provides you with the most comprehensive control over your Windows Vista operating system.

EasyBackup Professional is a comprehensive backup/restore solution for your Windows operating system. With it you can create Windows backup and restore projects, control the backup frequency and also create image backups. EasyBackup Professional has a sophisticated filter configuration system for easy time- and cost-effective backup. It includes a comprehensive API and is able to share and synchronize backups with other applications. EasyBackup Professional allows you to restore your system from image, file, or compressed/encrypted file. It can create system backups on external USB devices or FTP servers. You can easily archive your files with EasyBackup Professional, e.g. to a ZIP-archive file, and save on CDs, DVDs, tapes or other media.

EasyBackup Professional Key Features:
– Compatible with any version of Windows (XP, Vista, Win7)
– Create backup projects and restore them via API
– Creating backup and restore projects with different options
– Create image backups
– Supports Windows CDR, tape backup and hard disk image backups
– Create encrypted system backup
– Create compressed and encrypted file backups
– Secure system backup files
– Compress backup files with ZIP compression
– Encrypt backup files with AES encryption
– Create and manage backup with commands
– Secure system backup with self-destruction feature
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– Rapidly and efficiently restore system
– Restore images and CAB files
– Restore CD/DVD image backup
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EasyBackup Professional Free Version consists of 3 components:
– The client utility easybackup.exe, a file explorer.
– The command line utility easybackup.exe, a command line alternative for working with backups.
– The EasyBackup Professional Help

The client utility easybackup.exe has the most options and is the safest way to backup your files with ease. This tool provides you with a new Backup Scheduler, Backup Frequency settings, Encryptions and Change Password features.

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Easy Vista Manager 2.0.72

* Tame Windows Vista with the most powerful controls available
* Designate exactly what apps can run on your computer
* Test your hardware and software for compatibility issues
* Improve software performance
* Protect your system from viruses and hackers
* Remove unwanted components including programs and utilities
* Eliminate browser plug-ins
* Tweak hardware and settings
* Configure compatibility settings for your hardware
* Back up and restore critical system settings and data
* Lock or unlock settings, allowing you to easily select settings on demand
* Compress, compress, compress!
* View and store your configuration settings
* Create Registry settings for custom applications and devices
* Configure the Windows Boot Manager
* Overclock your hardware with the Intel p6000f cpu boost utility
* Control app firewall settings
* Manage your firewall
* Schedule time for system maintenance
* Receive automatic updates
* Get a jump start on your system startup
* Check your computer security with Safety Check
* Adjust the time zone
* Backup your registry
* Lock your computer
* Back up your device drivers
* Get a free online virus scan
* Update your system software
* Monitor your hardware usage
* Find a missing driver
* Uninstall unwanted software
* Manage your system configurations
* Change your computer name and host name
* Install a new driver
* View your browser add-ons
* View your updates
* Keep your system secure
* Shutdown/Reboot/Hold Shutdown
* Update services and rollback updates
* CPU speed and voltage setting
* Change your computer account name
* Skip Windows Media Player updates
* Install a new motherboard BIOS setting
* Synchronize your settings with other computers
* View your computer hardware information
* Reinstall Windows
* Repartition your hard drive
* Remux your ISO
* Find the current CPU speed
* Fix registry corruption
* Hide your important registry keys
* Reinstall an operating system
* Create a restore point
* Change the current language
* Change your operating system to a prior version
* Change your computer name and host name
* Change your region and time zone
* Change your system information
* Create a restore point
* Recycle your old hard drive
* Hide all the temporary files
* Recycle your RAM
* Hard drive recovery
* Uninstall programs
* Check your computer for viruses
* Back up your registry
* Clean up your Temporary files
* Manage your

What’s New In Easy Vista Manager?

* Tweak and speed up your computer to make it a more responsive and comfortable working platform
* Rescue your computer from a crash and get it back to stable operation
* Boost the security and stability of your computer to protect against malware, hacker attacks and spyware
* Improve your computer performance with a variety of tweak options
* Restore your computer to factory settings when you are sure the computer will no longer be used for normal activities
* Automatically update the most popular tweaks to ensure your computer is always running the latest powerful configuration tweaks
* Backup and restore the registry after any changes that you may make
* Review the tweak summary at any time before you make changes
* Re-load the default settings of all your extensions to get your computer back to how it was originally set up

The program includes both an online Help and a very detailed manual, which includes detailed descriptions of almost all the options, and also provides real-world examples to let you test each option before making a change.
By the way, the program is also freeware, but you are highly recommended to get the full version, which includes many great features.

With Easy-Vista-Manager you can make your Windows Vista look, feel, and behave like a Mac OS X. There are many great reasons that make you want to do this…

* Every Mac user uses Speed Search
* Every Mac user uses the Dock
* Every Mac user uses Expose
* Every Mac user uses Full Screen apps
* Every Mac user uses Spaces
* Every Mac user uses Launchpad
* Every Mac user uses the Finder
* Every Mac user uses Spaces
* Every Mac user is a Big fan of Windows Vista

Add some more to the list…

* Organize the windows the way you would like with the new Spaces feature

* Make your favorite apps Full Screen and bring them to the Front

* Put the Documents and Picture folders of your Mac in the Mac-Style Dock

* Use Launchpad and Launchbar to easily start your favourite programs

* Use the Finder to easily start your favorite apps

* Use Autosave feature of your Mac to make things easy for you

* Keep all your photos/videos in the Pictures and Videos folders

* Use your network drives in Mac OS X

* Enjoy native iChat, FaceTime, Bonjour, QuickTime and Safari

* Get quick access to your favorites with the new Quick Search feature

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
2 GB RAM (16 GB RAM recommended)
3 GB free space (recommended)
DirectX 11 graphics card
Internet connection
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