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DPHotKey Crack + Incl Product Key

DPHotKey is a easy to use, safe and efficient application that uses hot keys and an icon that gives you easy access to all installed programs even if you have hundreds of programs installed.
For Example: For this program I defined:
MP3 : Hotkey: CTRL + Z
CAD : Hotkey: CTRL + P (the phonetic alphabet 馃槈
SEND : Hotkey: CTRL + S
SCR : Hotkey: CTRL + T (till scripps’s finnish dictionary ;).
SEND FILE : Hotkey: CTRL + A

* hotkey/icon system
* Save configuration file /restore file
* Contains over 1500+ hotkeys and icons
* File: Open & Edit Text (Richtext)
* Send e-mail / edit / reply
* Cut, copy, paste, select text
* On-screen keyboard

Important Features:
* Easy to use Interface
* Safe: No key loggers
* Works with all windows based programs
* Hotkeys: Open, Close, Save, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select
* Hotkeys can be defined for text based programs also
* Icons: Find Files, Send E-mail, Sys tray, Viewer, Check for Updates, System Info, Font size, New Folder…

Cheat: Please wait while I load new version

Set Hotkey

Open:Double click on the icon you want to open
Cut:Hold CTRL and use the mouse
SEND:Hold CTRL and use the mouse

Send E-mail

Type:address of the people you want to send
Type: Your email
Type:Subject and when you get this message is send a test email with this subject.
Type: Tell people to read the test email in your mail program.
Return: when you want to send a message with no subjects the message will be automaticaly send. This message will be in same subject that you write on this program.

How to

– To do this double click on the icon you want to open.
– Then hold down CTRL and use the mouse.
– After you mouse is over you want open use ALT (Alt) and the program runnig will be close with the mouse.

Exit Hotkey when you have press on the HOTKEY (CTRL + Z or CTRL +

DPHotKey With Registration Code

DPHotKey is a free application designed for Windows computers. It can help save your time spent googling for the correct application.
The idea is to have the shortcuts to the different applications in the Start Menu, a screenshot of the desktop was the last program used, and for the config.exe is important the saved information.
Application when you type the name of a program in the application will be open and you can launch it.
You can also retrieve information from the page Internet Explorer, Windows, and Windows Registry.
For the config.exe is very important to enter the settings used to save the data.
For the possible configuration button clicking on configuration button will open a menu that opens some windows.
If you want separate each programs please click on the button in the lower part of the screen to open the menu.
If you click on the button enable or disable, the program is enabled or disabled.
Click the button New or open the newly opened window.
Result of the action will be on the home screen that indicates the type of action, while working in the usual menu.
For each action, clicking the button / Start, will run the program or window (see below for details).
The buttons Home Shortcuts Menu application data are in the lower part of the screen.
You can also use an icon shortcut, with a program icon or the file (ex: c:\foo.exe).
In this case the program or window of this file will be opened.
Be careful when saving and use a file extension.lnk or.ico.
If you click a link in a program that the shortcut should open the program or window.
Select a shortcut in the list or on the Home Shortcuts Menu.
In this case you can define if you want to open the program or not.
If you click on the button Save to the program will be saved. You can define the save location and the name of the file.
If the program is not saved (Button Save) you will be opened an option to select the file name of the application.
The Default icon can be set in the menu of icons.
The program can be saved as a.ini file.
In this case will be asked for the information.
Application Features:
-Manage the shortcuts to applications in the Start Menu.
-Have a menu of shortcuts to icons.
-You can also manage the shortcuts in the Start Menu.
-Has in the Start Menu the screenshot

What’s New In?

The first goal was to allow you to register into a Window XP OS the applications to access the hard disk drive. Next if you want to include additional applications you do not have to add them one by one. It is more simple and fast to register the applications.
But the problem can be return to having the problems described above.
It is an easy task program. You can be changed the default programs depending on your own need.
For exemple we have a special button for my defaut internet connection to ensure that we can not turn off the Internet Connection from hardware level.
A very fast program. You will never again have any problem.
Your best pluggin.
Changes: – Fixed “reg” command
1 – We have updated the C# code into version 2.1 and more programs files.
Next you have a lot of functions for you to chose what you like. The new functions permits to include or exclude programs.
Now we have 2 versions. 1 with Win8 and the other with Win7.
– Icons
– Registering and unregistering the application.
You can set always to run or to start when the system started.
1. Copy the shortcut file DPHotKey.lnk to the program files folder.
2. Copy the DPHotKey.exe to the program files folder.
1. You need a Registry Fixer program. You don’t know it?
Read this post.
Door 1:
– ACTIVATE desktop icon.
– Showing icon.
– ADD DATA folder.
– Adding default program.
Door 2:
– Showing default program.
– ADD DATA folder.
– Adding programs to directory.
– Adding programs to the program list.
– Adding saved data.
Door 3:
– Displaying application menu.
– Add a new icon.
– Adding programs to directory.
– Adding programs to program list.
– Add data.
– Add printer.
– Add help.
– Configure the shortcut.
Door 4:
– Activating / starting default program.
Door 5:
– Showing application menu.
– Run icon.
– Run icon program.
– Open program icon.
– Windows task bar.
– Show icon.
– Showing the icon program.
– Show

System Requirements For DPHotKey:

The minimum system requirements are as follows:
Operating System: Windows 7
Memory: 128 MB
Processor: 1 GHz Core 2 Duo or faster
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Disk: 2 GB RAM (2 GB minimum)
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible sound card (minimum of 128 MB)
Gamepad: Microsoft Gamepad or compatible gamepad (recognized by Windows 8)
Gamepad: Playstation 4 Controller or compatible gamepad (recognized by Windows 8)


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