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Download Video Saint Seiya The Movie Sub Indo

the next day, the bronze saints summon the god of alchemy, hildegard to help athena save saori, and together with athena, they save saori from the goddess eris. seiya then chooses hyga to be his personal partner, an event that prompts hyga to reflect on his past. however, before hyga could return to the others, athena asks for hyga’s help to save athena’s mother, grevy. she asks hyga to help athena in doing so, however, hyga refuses, as he did not wish for his mother’s death. seiya tells hyga that even though he seems to care about athena, the problem is that he still loves his mother. hyga then promises to do as athena asks, and he does. seiya and his friends leave to find marin, and they find that the dragon of the west, yori, has stolen marin’s body to use her as a means of flying, but they are chased away by his master, a dragon who has lost his body.

seiya summons the gods together to stand against yori. braver than all of them, hyoga stands against yori, and the battle is over before it has begun. the same happens with gekkou, and in doing so, hyoga and seiya’s bond of friendship strengthens, and at the same time, hyoga is accepted into the seiya chapter of the saints. the next day, gekkou and hyoga visit the orphanage where seiya grew up. gekkou meets with the head of the orphanage, kureto, who tells the boys that his caretaker, oina, was killed by yori. to commemorate her life, gekkou and hyoga give gifts to oina’s child.

before they leave, hyoga and seiya perform a ritual, which allows hyoga to feel athena’s power. hyoga shares this with the others, and they decide that hyoga will be their new captain. at the end of the movie, the bronze saints and the gods travel to the land of hope, where athena reveals that she has chosen seiya as one of her saints, and that he will lead the bronze saints on their next quest.


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