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Cute Chat is a Free-Online Instant Web-Based Chat Application that can be installed from the File Manager to any Web Server as its sample

So,Cute Chat is a Web-Based Free Instant Chat application or simply Web-Based Chat Software which is a useful tool for online community building, small or large Online Rooms for distance learning, support groups, live events, online business meetings and social networking.
Our Chat Software has All the Features of a “Real” Chat software, such as: Instant online, offline and free chat; Multiple rooms, Multiple Chat rooms; Chat broadcast, Multilingual support; Chat with offline users; Font customization and images. Other features include; One-to-One chat, voice, video, GIF and file transfer.
Cute Chat Highlights:
Full features of a Real Chat:
Instant online chat, offline and online chat
Offline chat
Multi-user instant chat
Chat rooms
File transfer
Multiple languages
Multiple GUI (GUI is the term for the overall look and feel of a computer program; the user interface of Cute Chat is a graphical user interface (GUI) )
User customization

Cute Chat install all control for install it from the server. There are some topics.

1- Cute Chat Help
I’ve enabled a live chat help tab on my site. It displays next to every room the relevant forum tab. You can leave a comment on the forum there, or click the live chat button and a person from my team will help you out in real-time. They can also forward the message to me for further assistance.
2- Cute Chat Chat Audio
The latest version of the chat system allows you to record your own audio messages. This is an integral part of the system that just doesn’t exist in other chat systems. You can include emoticons of your choice and then you can easily play them back as though they were live.
3- Cute Chat Direct Message.
The direct message feature adds a nice touch to the chat client. It allows you to chat to a specific user without having to navigate through a list of users or rooms. This is great for having a private conversation with another member without disturbing others.
4- Cute Chat Bug Fixes
All bugs have been fixed so far.It appears Nintendo has finally unveiled their handheld monster of a console, the Nintendo DS. The concept behind the DS is that you can play games on the LCD display of the

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Note: Another Ajax-based web chat is Our Ajax Chat.
Both applications are free and work very well, so you can use them as a good choice for your Web Chat requirements.Q:

Only delete all files in a directory if the directory is empty

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Cute Chat

Cute Chat is an open-source Ajax-based PHP / AJAX chat script, fully customizable and completely loaded with many great features. Since Cute Chat is AJAX-based, it’s quick, it’s easy to use, it’s highly configurable and it’s easy to extend.
Cute Chat includes support for PHP 5.1, UTF-8, file uploading, database and database cursors, multilanguage, live filtering, language detection, file transferring, voice recording, timestamp, day of the week, hex color, emoticons, PM, private messages, private chat rooms, ignoring users, high load support, webdav support, and much more…
So, what are you waiting for? Cute Chat will undoubtedly be the best application you could ever need in order to have your community site’s chat room (or any other one) live and working.
Cute Chat makes use of an easy-to-read, easy-to-use interface which is perfect for anyone who wants to create a professional looking application in a short period of time.
Key Features:
…and many others.
The main features are:
* User registration
* Avatar support
* Color / Fonts / Avatar images / Changes / Uploaded images
* Private messages (PMs)
* Private chat rooms (PCRs)
* Ignore a user
* Public channel log
* Wiki enabled forum
* File transfer (FT) support
* Webdav support
* Your own themes / colors / fonts
* Multilanguage
* Profanity filter
* Per-user / Per-channel / Per-topic topic ban
* Windows support
Cute Chat is powered by CuteChat AASP.NET, an easily customizable and extensible AJAX-based ASP.NET chat Script written in C#.
This script is an easy-to-install solution. You can install CuteChat AASP.NET on your own server or in a shared hosting account using the standard IIS 5.1 Web Server/PHP. You may also setup on your local computer using the standard Visual Studio.NET IDE.
Current Version:
Supporting PHP 5.1, UTF-8, file uploading, database and database cursors, language detection, private messages, searching, day of the week, timestamp, hex color, emoticons, & more…
What’s New

What’s New In?

High load support

Easily handle large communities and increase your speed and quality of service to your customers

Multi Language

Support multi language, international chat users.

Customize and choose your own perfect skins

Choose your own screen background image.

Two fonts

Change font type or size for your chat room.


Users can decide to switch between all alphanumeric mode and numeric mode with the nick: prefernces.

Color skin can be chosen in two modes.

Apply your own private stylesheets

If you have a specific skin you prefer to use, you can now specify it in your Cute Chat installation.

Easy to use / admin panel

There is no need for you to touch any JavaScript file. Cute Chat simply runs on top of your CuteChat.asp file and you simply need to add only one line of codes in your CuteChat.asp file to point to your protected Cute Chat page and enjoy.

Multi Account / Multi User:

With Cute Chat, you can easily add a multi-accounts feature for your users, meaning that your users can have their own unique chat accounts as separate users and their activity can be linked to their accounts. Cute Chat supports the following account:

Standard Account

Normal account, not an administrator.

Temporary account, it only appears in the chat room for a limited period.

Team Account

A temporary account which can be shared by more than one administrator.

Moderator Account

An administrator who can use a X-treme mode to intervene in any chat room.

Customizable Interface

There are many skins for you to customize and personalize for your website. Simply choose from their handy options tool.

Easy Configuration

There is no need for you to touch any JavaScript code. Cute Chat simply runs on top of your CuteChat.asp file and you simply need to add only one line of codes in your CuteChat.asp file to point to your protected Cute Chat page and enjoy!

Auto Close Chat Window

Cute Chat will automatically close the chat window when the user has left the chat or the chat room. You can specify in Cute Chat’s config.xml the exact number of time-out to keep the chat window alive so that it is not closed until the user has left the chat or

System Requirements:

The following are minimum requirements for ScummVM to operate without significant bugs:
Screen resolution: 1024×768, 800×600 or 640×480
Video card: Any GeForce2 or better, NVidia GeForce or ATI Radeon, or a compatible Amiga monitor
Audio: SoundBlaster or compatible
Storage: 200MB for ScummVM install, 1GB for savegames and mods
Full Screen Mode: The default display mode works best with 800×600, 640×480 or 1024×768 screen sizes. 1024×768 is a “

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