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this is modern color correction software. The main functions of the program are high-quality color correction and graphic effects. With this program, you can easily and quickly change or add color schemes, filters and blending modes in a few minutes in order to add professional charm to your photos. The HairShop PRO series of programs has a large variety of filters that can be used to correct skin imperfections, change color and eliminate skin imperfections.With them, you can easily change the color of your face, skin, change the color of your hair or eyes. A series of HDR recording tools will allow you to create an image that will then resemble the paintings of Salvador Dali. The Kaindl series of products, in collaboration with Matte Kahn, will allow you to automatically create a digital landscape from any photo, including photos taken with a mobile phone camera. If you have a Windows or Macintosh computer, you can use any tool or program in this series, as well as any Kahan tool, using a web browser. You can use the color management features built into Photoshop and other applications in the Lightroom series to quickly and easily create in the program not only colors, but also beautiful photographs. HUD technology opens up a wide range of photo processing possibilities thanks to the built-in RGB Engine in Photomatix. This technology makes it possible to significantly increase productivity, processing speed and make your photos more detailed. The special effects that you can use in Photosimpact make your photos look even more realistic.
The new template for Photoshop, which includes several filters, can also be used for other programs in the Graphic Ninja series.
Subject: “Filter with effect PENOGRAF RAW – 19”. It is a base for searching, processing and editing RAw images. Numerous beneficial effects are presented. It is possible to convert RA1 to RA2, RA3, RAA, PEN, ARR, ARC and HUV. The functionality is presented as a plug-in: Adobe Photoshoot Processor, Video Creator, Photo Effects, Marquee Cut, Rendered Path, Actions and individual presets. Hotkeys are supported.
When you hover over the image, a pop-up window appears with a detailed description of the effect.
Filters in PhotographerinPro – generator of various geometric shapes, animated and static.
Images can be transformed according to color



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