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The CD Ejector was developed to be an Desktop Sidebar Plug-in that displays a list of CD / DVD drives on your computer and allows you to eject or close each of them by clicking it.









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Saturday, March 30, 2015

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CD Ejector Crack+ Activation

First released in October 2003 and was the first CD ejector on the web. It’s a light and easy-to-use side-bar plug-in to eject CDs and DVDs. The CD Ejector plug-in is compatible with any version of Windows.

The main focus of the CD Ejector plug-in is to be a simple, easy-to-use, light and multi-purpose CD/DVD disk ejector, as well as an awesome customizer for your desktop. The main features:

Lists all available CDs and DVDs present on your computer.

The list is controlled by a clickable “Eject” button.

When clicked, the plug-in will eject (or in case of a DVD “Close” the tray) the particular drive.

One can easily play an audio CD by clicking on the “Audio” button, a playlist can be started by clicking on the “Playlist” button (if it is a mixed CD with both audio and data tracks).

Can be set up for custom cd and dvd drives by selecting a folder with the required drives in it (or by copying/pasting their names).

can have multiple customizations of it’s own (updates of the one click button, labels, multiple tray icons, tray color/shape, tray position, own tray appereance)

Background mode – The CD Ejector plug-in uses an external graphic “thumbnail”. In this mode the plug-in show’s the graphic “thumbnail” of the selected drive.

Music list mode – This mode is available with a click on the “Eject” button or by pressing “E” in combination with a number in the list of drives. The CD Ejector plug-in now will play the currently selected music track.

One-click list – This mode is a simplier and fastest method to look on the list of drives. No clicking on individual drives is required in this mode.

It is easy to enter some information about the drives into the configuration file. One can set a name for the CD drive (in the case of CD/DVD drives), setting the description of a CD drive or define a custom icon for the CD or DVD drive.

Additional drivers can be added easily to the list by clicking “Add Driver” on the “Advanced” page.

The CD Ejector plug-in now supports all Internet Explorer 3.0

What’s New In?

CD Ejector is a simple desktop sidebar plug-in which display a list of CD or DVD drives on your desktop screen and allows you to click on each of them and eject or close them. On most platforms, the sidebar will remain hidden until the user clicks on it to reveal the CD/DVD drive list.


The list is basically a menu that can be shown or hidden by moving the mouse pointer over the sidebar to open or close it. It will automatically be closed if the “Hide CD/DVD Ejector” option is selected.

The built in “Show Toolbar” option allows the sidebar to display a toolbar which has two buttons that allow the user to immediately eject or close the selected CD/DVD drive. The toolbar will remain visible while the CD/DVD drive is being used.

The user can close the sidebar by clicking the ‘Close CD/DVD Ejector’ button at the bottom of the sidebar or by clicking on the desktop to hide the sidebar.


The sidebar will close automatically if the “Hide CD/DVD Ejector” option is selected.

The sidebar can be shown and hidden from the “Show sidebars” option in the Control Panel.

The sidebar can be configured to display a different number of drives in the list.

The sidebar can be configured to display drives of all types (CD and DVD).

The sidebar can be configured to show the drives by the name (CD or DVD) or by the type (CD-ROM).

The sidebar can be configured to be relative to the current folder (works in all versions of Windows XP).

The sidebar can be configured to be relative to the current drive or all drives.

The sidebar can be configured to start on the desktop or on the current drive.

The sidebar can be configured to act like a listbox (only drives selected in the list will be shown), or a treeview (all drives are included in the list).

The sidebar can be configured to hide drives that the user is not currently editing a file in.

The CD/DVD drives list can be imported from cdfind.ini from WinXP

The sidebar can be configured to hide the drives that are not in the “Windows CD/DVD drives” section in the registry.

The sidebar can be configured to hide the drives which have no CD/DVD drive icons.

Additional features include:

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8.1
64bit OS
1.8 GHz or better
OS X 10.5 or later
Linux or Windows
Software Requirements:
Sequel Pro
Abode Premier
3D Studio Max
GameMaker Studio
3D Studio Max

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