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the canadian electrical code is designed to meet the needs of canadian electrical codes. the code is written in such a way that it is understandable to anyone, whether the reader has been around the electrical trade for many years, or has only had a basic understanding of electricity. it is also designed to be as user-friendly as possible. this is accomplished through the use of simple language and the use of common language terms.

for most users, the current canadian electrical code will continue to be the basis of most electrical codes across canada. however, a number of provinces have made changes to the code. these amendments include:

cprs, 1999 – province of alberta adds provisions to the code related to the installation and maintenance of the electrical systems on vehicles. the code also provides for the use of alternative fuels in electrical systems.

if you are interested in learning more about my approach to practicing electrical contracting, please let me know. i have been using it in practice for the past six years and am excited to share it with you. feel free to contact me at or through the vimeo channel.

this is a free pdf of the canadian electrical code, updated to 2015. the only thing it doesnt have is a few of the provincial interpretations, and a few of the electrical rules. however, its a great overall resource and is a must have for the electrical professional. download it here.

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the canadian electrical code (cec) is the national electrical code for the canadian province of british columbia, published by the british columbia building code authority. while not required by the province of british columbia, the cec is considered a requirement of the province of british columbia building code. the cec is the guide used by electrical contractors, electricians, contractors and electricians, and other electricians (e.g., mobile home salespersons) in the province of british columbia. it contains the minimum electrical requirements for various building types. it is updated every three years. the canadian electrical code (cec) is the national code for all canadians. the cec is the ultimate authority for all electrical work, as defined in all canadian provinces and territories. in addition, the cec is adopted by local jurisdictions across the country, so all of your electrical work must comply with the cec rules. note: there are other local codes for electrical work in some canadian jurisdictions. the canadian electrical code can be used as a reference in your daily work. the canadian electrical code is the only code that covers the full scope of electrical work. it is the authority for all electrical work in canada. the code is a legal requirement for all canadian electrical installers. the cec is the federal law for all electrical work in canada, so all electrical work must follow the requirements of the code. in some provinces, the code is supplemented by other regulations, which must also be followed in addition to the cec. 5ec8ef588b

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