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Name Boom slayer
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Game Tags:
– Blast
– Zombies
– Enemies
– Skull
– Multiplayer
– Guns
– Boss Battles
– Shoot em Up
– Drop
– Boom
– Gun
– Shooter
– Boss
– Tactical
– Escaped
– Death Match
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Music : Boy- Robot | Somne11
Beat by Kevin MacLeod

published:21 Apr 2017


Jump, stand, roll, slide, duck, shoot and boost your way through a series of 100 challenging levels to shoot your way to the top of the leaderboards. Enjoy awesome special effects such as blooming flowers and explosions. And eat your enemies like there is no tomorrow.

In Boom Beach, a video game you can play while you wait for the train! You control the characters by tapping left and right on screen and slide to swing your weapon. For example, tapping right makes your gun fire to your right, and sliding to the left makes your gun fire to your left. You can also shoot people to kill them. If you shoot the head, you can also shoot their clothes to steal them! Shoot the right person in the right place and you will not get hurt, however, shoot a zombie in the head and it will explode into many zombies!

Boom Beach is a story-based shooter that has the feel of a couch co-op game but with the action of a PlayStation. You can choose from 12 characters, each with their own weapons, and work cooperatively through 50 stages with friends across online multiplayer.

Boom Beach is inspired by the classic Halo formula, and makes use of motion controls to give you the best game experience on PlayStation VR. You can grab your friends and hop in front of the TV to go online and take on the world in this side-scrolling, co-op shooter. Enjoy your local play with random elements like monsters, powerups and more


Boom Slayer Features Key:

  • Strategy
  • gun handling
  • Map designing
  • Panic alerts


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– You are playing in a big castle
– Shoot the skulls, them go to the goal
– You are shooting the enemies but you will fall and have to start from the beginning!!
– You can use dynamite to damage enemies and to reach the goal
– Also, you can jump over walls and shoot enemies through them
– You can use air mana to reach goal more fast
– This game is suitable for all ages
– Perfectly suitable for kids because they will not be scared by the shooting

Here you can download the game, enjoy it and have some fun

Here is the entire game:
Boom slayer full version

Original Aspect:

I hope you guys find this game helpful

Have fun

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Boom Slayer Keygen Free [Updated-2022]

-The game run on the basis of physics.
-Each stage has its own bullet pattern
-Different weapons
-Pushing and flying
-iPad controllers

It’s time to explore a strange and ancient world full of secrets and secrets…
A puzzle platformer world where you will find many different objects.
You will be guided by the musical note — which is counted the number of steps to the next object.
Each step you need to be in tune with the music.


4 game levels and many secrets awaits you.

Game Features:

• several objects in the world and music of every note

• classical soundtrack

• several interesting ideas and components

• beautiful and artistic graphics

This game is intended for adult audiences only.

Google Play:
Link for Android Version:
Download Full version $1.99 for free on Mobogenie

Now that our world has been invaded by aquatic life forms that like to eat humans, it’s up to you to kill everything that swims. Blow up the objects as you blast through the levels to destroy the incoming hordes of monsters!



• 20 levels of mayhem

• Easy to learn, hard to master

• Stunning graphics and realistic physics

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• Simple touch controls

• Play in portrait or landscape orientation

• Compete with friends to see who has the most points

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Choose from a variety of characters, gain new loot, and fight through new levels!





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