Blue Is The Warmest Color Download Mp4 Hd [HOT]

Blue Is The Warmest Color Download Mp4 Hd [HOT]


Blue Is The Warmest Color Download Mp4 Hd

each mechanism, from the one that generates the language of the final line, to the ones that generate that of the interior of the piece (or, better, whose ranges of values and shapes generate this language), places adele in the middle of all the apparitions that surround her.

during the first minutes, it is a desert; it is the land where the red army is marching on, and wants to seize the arms. beyond this terrain, an army of people and weapons rise and battle. yet this battle is internal, for adele must make a long and dangerous journey through this war, not to find weapons for the red army, but to find what she needs in another city, the blue-haired city:

during the entire film, adele’s body is an instrument of the lines of blue that break up its form, her hair the subject that turns it into an analog of mathematical curves and sinuous waves. the costume that covers her body is the organ that leads adele into the unknown, and her headdress, the element that looks out in a certain way, an element that will allow her to go where no one has gone before. adele walks through a landscape in which millions of moving points, flashing points, points that rotate and stand still, that move and stop, collide with one another, touch one another, create a form that keeps its own rhythm, sets the rhythm of the landscape in motion.

in blue, the line of adele is always already the blue of a distant horizon; it has no end, and is the last line that promises her a route that is new and strange. it is the promise to avoid all that has happened, all that will happen, to look out as a single point into a vast, unbounded space, to be where no one else has been. it is the promise of blue, but also adele’s deepest desire: a desire to discover the mystery and the desire to return to the fold of her blood, flesh, blue hair. it is also adele’s fear, a fear of losing all this, of losing everything. it is the fear of being forgotten, of being discarded:


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