Beyond Good And Evil By – ZzDJChris – Game Hack Password ❕



Beyond Good And Evil By – ZzDJChris – Game Hack Password

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At this point, we’ve got a hacker on the box that has proven its root in the telnet daemon, and a webserver running for the hacker to exploit remotely. In fact, the webserver handles the data the hacker gives it to execute, and the hacker can log in with a known user. We only have a single user account though, so that hacker should be able to escalate to root, but we’ll also prove a token cache bypass vulnerability that will let them escalate to root. To do so, we’ll leverage CVE-2013-5736, a token cache bypass vulnerability in /var/lib/ctdb/tokens, which would let a hacker iterate the password cache and get credentials to new servers.

As you mentioned, if you do happen to purchase a hacked account, its advisable to quickly change your password. This may be done a few different ways. When you first create your new password, make sure you create a really strong one with a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Only use one password you can manage. For instance, don’t use a combination of 1234, that you’ll never be able to remember and something you’re required to make public. Its best to use a phrase or short sentence that you can use while typing.


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