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Should I know about deb package management?

I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 for a short while ago, and I have a small thing with package management. When I want to install some apps, I usually see two options:

searching for and install the latest stable version of the app, with a version number which can be downloaded from the site of the app,
doing so and then I have to

update the package indexes
re-run apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade

How could I do the same thing with aptitude?


It sounds like you’re asking about a third option. That is, the option to install “specific versions of an app”, but not necessarily the latest one.
aptitude looks like this if you run it with no options:
Called from the front end via dpkg-select.
This is the same as calling apt-cache policy.

Called from the front end via apt-get, aptitude or apt-cache
This is the same as calling apt-cache policy.

Called from the command line without options
This is the same as running apt-cache policy -t. If you’re not sure
about the release, apt-cache policy -t -c then. If your system
is not currently running a distribution, you may still get useful information
if you run the command on an empty cache, that is, -c.

If you use the apt command with the -t option, but not with a valid release number, you get the same as -c.
In other words, aptitude has the same API as apt-cache, so the front end or package manager does not matter.


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