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Mmm. The AutoCAD starter pack includes the AutoCAD standard edition (ACAD_SE) and the AutoCAD LT standard edition (ACAD_LT). Although standard editions offer basic features, they are sufficient for most initial usage. Additional licenses (for illustrators, manufacturers and the like) can be obtained from Autodesk through the My Autodesk Partner Network.

How many users do you have?

Should I purchase the LT edition?

What are the key features of the standard edition?

Where can I purchase AutoCAD?

In its most basic form, AutoCAD is a drafting tool for creating blueprints, specifications, and technical drawings. The application can be used to create vector-based drawings and use layers, objects, and colors to annotate the drawing. Drafting capabilities can be extended through extensions, plug-ins, and tools.

AutoCAD 2011 is an enterprise-level version of AutoCAD that includes thousands of additional drawing and drafting tools, as well as powerful, integrated functionality for modeling, simulation, and 2D/3D printing.

AutoCAD LT, the lesser-known standard edition, is only licensed for personal use. LT licenses are sold at Autodesk’s Web site and at select office supply stores and computer distributors.

What does LT stand for?

The LT edition is an older version of AutoCAD, introduced in 1994. LT-licensed drawings can be viewed and printed but not edited or saved. The LT edition also includes basic functionality for the following CAD-related areas:

2D drafting

Viewing and printing to PDF

Data management

Print management

Drafting components and associated functions

AutoCAD LT includes only the standard features of AutoCAD. The exception is the Graphic Converter Extension, which converts raster (bitmapped) images to vector.

The AutoCAD LT standard edition is only licensed for personal use. LT licenses are sold at Autodesk’s Web site and at select office supply stores and computer distributors.

The new features in AutoCAD LT 2011

Though AutoCAD LT 2011 is nearly the same as AutoCAD LT 2009, the following changes have been made:

User Interface, Functionality, and Features

AutoCAD LT 2011 includes a new user interface with new ribbon navigation system. This includes the Graphic Conver

AutoCAD Crack (Updated 2022)

In a 2016 interview, Autodesk co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Carl Bass said that “the primary goal for AutoCAD is to move the world from 2D to 3D”. The process of making AutoCAD scalable for 3D has been a continual process since the beginning of its creation, and is detailed in Autodesk’s 2012 publication, “AutoCAD Architecture: The Design of Autodesk’s Next Generation Platform for 3D Design”.

Version history

Product families
AutoCAD supports a number of product families, which differ in function, usage, and intended audience. These families are listed in the table below. Note that Autodesk has placed an emphasis on transitioning customers from the previous Inventor to the current versions of AutoCAD.

In May 2008, the Autodesk Architecture Awards were awarded in Autodesk’s ADR group. The winners were:
Best 2D Design App – Building Information Modeling (BIM) (IntelliCAD Architect)
Best BIM User Experience – Revit Architecture
Best BIM Modeling – Revit Architecture
Best BIM Viewer – Revit Architecture
Best Business Application – Revit Architecture
Best Mac OSX Design Software – Delphi Design Automation (product name: Autodesk Architectural Desktop)
Best Software – Autodesk BIM 360 Design and Autodesk BIM 360 Revit
Best Design Software – Autodesk Inventor

Technical design

In the technical design category, the award winners were:
Best Product Design – Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Best Product Visualization – Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Best Software – Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Best Office Integration – Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Best Product Documentation – Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Best Product Evangelism – Autodesk Architectural Desktop

User interface

The user interface categories, as listed in the table below, were divided into Design, Drafting, and Construction. The awards were as follows:
Best User Interface Design – Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Best User Interface Drafting – Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Best User Interface Construction – Autodesk Architectural Desktop

Additional categories of Awards
Best Business Application – Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Best 2D Design Application – Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Best 3D Design Application – Autodesk Architectural Desktop
Best Construction Application – Autodes

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What’s New In?

Enhance your work with cloud based collaboration. Collaborate with other team members and other users with CAD on the cloud.

Coordinate your drawings for clean and accurate edits. Extend and improve your drawings with rich coordinate information, real-time, from other drawings and files in your repository.

Augmented Reality Tools:

Explore any location in the world with augmented reality. View your drawings on any platform, work on any device and see 3D models where they belong in the real world.

Cross Platform Collaboration:

Access your designs on any device—from phones, tablets, and laptops to the cloud. Always work on the latest version of your drawings, and collaborate with others on the latest designs.


Update and create 3D models with new commands.

See an updated version of your drawings, with new tools and advanced automation.

View a 3D model of your design at any time. With new commands, you can create new 3D models and change existing designs.

Build with the most versatile software on the market—automatically adapt to your changes.

3D Modeling:

Build models anywhere.

Automatically update your models on the cloud with CAD.

Import and manage a library of CAD models to work with in your designs.

Share with the community, view and use in other applications, or do more with your design.

Cloud Services:

Optimize the processes of your work.

Grow with your company.

Integrate cloud-based services and apps into your existing workflows.

Synchronize work across devices.

Integrate with industry-leading tools and data sources.


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System Requirements:

Graphics requirements are as follows:
Minimum spec:
Processor: Intel i5 or AMD equivalent
RAM: 6GB or 8GB
Storage: 4GB of RAM (must be used by the OS)
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband internet connection

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